the reign of immorality…

… Why doesn’t The Furer-elect just take the entire corrupted state of Illinois and relocate it in D.C. and be done with it. Any way… what was I saying about homosexuals segregating themselves, yet not wanting to be solely defined based on their sexuality.

If homosexuality is so “normal” than why do homosexual children need a completely different public school? Looks like my point was proven.

Yeah! Mandatory indoctrination for all! Brave new world, indeed.

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  • Adrienne

    And Obambi has invited a gay/lesbian band to march in the inauguration parade (along with all the high school bands). How come the other bands aren’t called “I like to get it on with the opposite sex” bands or the “heterosexual and proud” bands. Since when does a band have to described by the type of intercourse one participates in???I am just disgusted!!

  • Roman Sacristan

    People usually think that the book “Nineteen Eighty Four” is about liberals fighting against the conservative Big Brother. Yet, it’s actually the other way around. The book is a warning about socialism. It ain’t the conservatives forcing their ideas upon liberals, it the liberals forcing their way on the people.It’s a scary book of you read it in that light.