dear person who quit ‘following’ this blog …

… why you no love me anymore?

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  • Josephus Flavius

    I didn’t quit “following,” but this is a great time to plug following MY blog. :)

  • Paul Bernacchio

    “I am not worthy to be linked to your blog but only say the word” aka The Stranger in A Strange LandDominus Nobiscum

  • berenike


  • Mary Rose

    You all are funny!Well, my dear CC – I realized I was a dolt for not already following you. So I took up that poor, misguided soul’s spot.You are loved. :-)

  • ignorant redneck

    Not love you any more? How could any man not love a snarky Catholic Tarheel chick?

  • Tom S.

    What’s not to Love???