I know what guys want for Valentine’s Day…

for their wives & girlfriends to leave them the hell alone.

… c’mon ladies, it’s not rocket science. Lower your expectations and be grateful you have a husband/boyfriend that is there for you the rest of the year, not just one Hallmark created day. I know am I.

… there it is, some friendly advice from one woman to the next. Leave men the hell alone this Valentine’s Day. Your relationship will be the better for it.

*reposting from last year because good advice never goes out of date.
The Crescat will be MIA till Monday.

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  • I’m emailing this to my wife right now.

  • Any man that marries a women that already has a child is a special kind of man that deserves ESPECIALLY to be left alone tomorrow. Way too much pressure is put on men to ‘perform’ this ONE day a year. V Day destracts from the good they do all year, or should be doing. I am venemently opposed to V Day.

  • Damn what a good woman you are!!! Your man is soooooo lucky!

  • Nope. I’m the lucky one. 🙂

  • Cha

    This sounds just like a discussion my husband and I were having this evening.It’s so NOT about what happens on one day a year, but what happens on the other 364 that show you what sort of stuff your spouse is made of.I, too, am a lucky, lucky woman. (And he made me a luscious and beautiful steak for dinner, anyway – with an amaretto torte for dessert!!!)

  • Mark Tan

    Hmmm…. politically incorrect… =)

  • My husband is always happy to plan an outing for us on Valentine’s Day. But perhaps that’s because I don’t have expectations about it.

  • +JMJ+Hahahahahahaha! So true! =D

  • Okay, Oh Wise One. I feel the same. However..Yesterday I came home from work to be greeted by my very proud hubby happily handing me a Vday gift basket. Inside I was like, “AAARRGGH!! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T GETTING ME ANYTHING…” Outside I cooed and made over it because it was so sweet but I felt like a total slug for not having anything.So. Guess where I’ll be going after I type this? Yep. Something for him. He told me not to but I have to now!Men! (said with complete adoration mixed with wonder and amusement.)

  • J2

    I sent this post to my husband, he loved it!!!

  • brilliant advice for a commercial holiday!! (men of the world are thanking you)i went on retreat at a cistercian monastery…hubby came along. i’ll take that over roses that die any ol’ day