invite me to your blog…

… I always like seeing what’s new out there and I don’t usually have a lot of browsing time. So if I don’t link to you already and you liked to invite me to your blog drop the link in the com-box.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…
"Bon voyage on your new endeavours. And thank you."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Paul Bernacchio

    “I am not worthy to be linked to your blog but only say the word” aka The Stranger in A Strange LandDominus Nobiscum

  • Lvka

  • Mark Tan
  • LarryD And if you don’t link to me, I won’t get sad or nothin’. I’ll just vote for Fr Z

  • Kate
  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    Come on by…I’ve got two blogs, even. One political, one more mundane that is family, homeschool, Faith, and misc.

  • The Crescat

    Larry… bad.

  • Eurasia Review
  • CatholiciPod
  • joan

    You have a great blog with great links so how come you do not have the future winner of the “Best Catholic Blog” listed?http://www.fatherchecksblog.blogspot.comSEEK HIS FACE…By Father Check.

  • Sarah

    sojournstlouis@blogspot.comThanks for asking! I love your blog. The liturgical travesty pictures always crack me up :-)

  • LarryD

    That was a j/k, you know. I voted for you long ago. 😉

  • cuaguy

  • Joe of St. Thérèse

    consider this the invitation to stop by……And worry not, i placed my vote already :)

  • dougeller
  • AbiPalmer
  • B. Hold

    http://zenandtheartofshutup.blogspot.comnot sure if it’s what you’re into, but I like to write and it’s always a bonus when people like to read it.Thanks! and i enjoy your blog, too!

  • ashley

    I’m just getting started at I’d love to have you visit.

  • Janny

    More about writing than about doctrine, but unapologetically (and sometimes gleefully) Catholic…http://catholicwriterchick.blogspot.comCome early, stay long!Janny

  • Kate

    Hi,I’m a bit of a lurker. But I love your blog and would appreciate it if you stopped by. My blog is not a Catholic or Christian blog; but I am Catholic and the blog is about leaving harmoniously with the gifts that God generously gave us.Thank you,~Kate

  • Scarlett

    I’m something of a lurker, and my blog is very new and only occasionally explicitly Catholic, but it can’t hurt to at least offer an invite!

  • Kit

    Yeah, what Larry said.

  • FreeRangeK

    I’ve been visiting your blog for some time, your images are amazing! Your sense of humor, refreshing.You’d hate me though, I’m a democrat.Thanks for all your time spent entertaining us.