why Julio can’t get a job…

… the funniest damn thing I’ve read all week.

The Rockin’ Traddie writes: Julio the Burger Flipper wonders why he can’t get a better job than McDonalds. Could it be his demeanor, style of dress, or just the fact that he sounds like he just might be mentally retarded?

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  • I dunno…Julio seems pretty ambitious and animated compared to the loggy mopes staffing my local McDonald’s. Oh, don’t even get me started. First, there’s the guy working the drive-thru window. With a coke nail that he manages to brush over my palm. That should be enough reason to avoid McDonald’s…

  • Hello! Why don’t we do some reciprocal links and be all friendly-like? Oh, and another thing, I’d better not have to nominate myself for your damn awards this year or else I’m gonna have a mass said for you by a puppet playing a glory hoop with some girly men liturgicaly dancing in tights while spinning steaming pots of incense on their heads!So there.

  • yee haw!!!! my laugh-out-loud-moment of the day!…thank you(ps. this is a lecture my teens hear from me, incessantly…on the occasions when they wonder if they might dress/pierce/tat/do something that is so everlovin’ ridiculous)