an outside vendor sells his wares by the NASCAR Speedway…

… batter dipped deep fried bacon wrapped hot dogs! 2 for $2.50!

Said vendor was also peddling such culinary delights as deep fried bologna sandwiches and bacon wrapped fried chicken legs.

… now what can I wash it all down with? Oh, I know!
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  • Vincenzo

    Looks delicious

  • Fr. Erik Richtsteig


  • Cathy_of_Alex

    I wish I was at a track right now! *sigh*

  • Angela Messenger SLOBBER!!!!

  • The Crescat

    are you serious?! You people are sick! It made my chest hurt just looking at it. …a whole ‘nother world down here… a whole ‘nother world.

  • Derik

    Perhaps because of your proffessional training…to me it is worth the coronary bypass :-)

  • Dino

    You’ve go me drooling, while listening to my arteries slam shut.

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    You know, it really doesn’t sound that bad. In fact . . . yeah, I’d try one.

  • expat

    Y’all have got to be kidding.This is what passes for food in America now?!

  • leo

    How does he call his creations?”Artery-Clogger 2000″?”Heart-Stopper Deluxe”?

  • A Secular Franciscan

    Mmmm.With chocolate milk …

  • Dymphna

    I love fried bologna and with a perfectly iced coca cola that would be heaven.

  • Cathy_of_Alex

    What have you been up too, CC?here

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Dymphna – fried bologna! Oh Lawdy, I haven’t had a fried bologna sammich in years . . . heavenly!

  • Brantigny

    Yuck! I live in North Carolina, and I have never seen such a thing. In a place which all the way means polluting a hot dog with Chili and slaw this is just incrementally better.Richard

  • Brian Michael Page

    You ain’t tasted nuttin’ till you’ve tasted fried Krakowska Kielbasa. MMMMMM MMMMMM!BMP