your child might have a vocation if…

… you catch them consecrating a gallon of milk with food coloring. I guess I better lock up the wine too.I think it’s time to make a little investment.

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  • Joe of St. Thérèse

    awesome :), I shall pray for him…Or in my case, if "stretching" = mimicking priest actions at the altar.

  • Derik

    sounds like a plan

  • Elizabeth

    I love the Mass kit…one day I will spring for it…my 4 year old already has parts of the Mass down pat.

  • TheSeeker

    I love it!!

  • Smiley

    YOu did it the food coloring and milk awesome.

  • The Crescat

    I did… now I can't keep him out the beverages. LOL. Thanks for the advise, BTW. It was very helpful!