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… they say good writers write about what they know. What I know is that I find myself suddenly single yet again and have decided instead of giving up I want to try my hand in the dating world. Holy hell. I’m not sure if that makes me a hopeful romantic or a glutton for punishment. Either way I decided to blog about this highly personal aspect of my life and tackle the topic of courting as a Catholic. Heaven help us all.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Good luck

  • Ugh dating. I'm suddenly single again too. We'll tackle it together!

  • If I lost my husband, tragically (and if it has to happen, hopefull through the gross negligence of someone acting in the course of their employment with a Fortune 500 company), I think I would use my children as an excuse for as long as I can to avoid dating."I can't – I have to think of the kids.""Stephanie, your youngest is 35!""Well . . ."

  • You are a glutton for punishment! But this will certainly boost your readership.I pity the poor man who falls for you. If he makes even the slightest mistake, thousands will know of his misdeeds!

  • Anonymous

    I am a little newborn kitten,… if you need me?

  • Do I need to run the dating service ad that I ran for you last time? Maybe not. Lord knows the grief that thing brought us.

  • Jay… that was a hoot; got us all excommunicated. Ok, you can be in charge of weeding out the commitment-phobes… I've had my share! At least let me use a recent picture…oy!Mark… I would never identify anyone out right… I may be encouragable but I am not mean spirited. Digi… I have my back up convent is things go horrible wrong. Anon…I like randy Tom's.

  • Oooh, do tell! Hearing other's stories makes me realize that while my forays into dating are horribly tragic, they don't just happen to me.The indigent, the ignorant, the unemployed, the unschooled, the mannerless, bring them all on!

  • How old are you? My son is 26 and I would like him to marry a nice Catholic girl.

  • that's sweet, but I would be ancient to a 26 year old… and wait… doesn't he have a girlfriend… one you hate? 😛

  • Ok now – this should be interesting…

  • Have you thought about trying

  • CC…hate is a strong word and age is just a number…I am keeping the door open…..

  • Anonymous

    me too, Mimi!!!

  • Too bad you can't do what I do…just live vicariously thru my teenage daughter. Good luck! ugh…