crap, there goes all my preconceived prejudices …

… seems I lost a friend. They were offended by some things I said on facebook letting my conservative colors fly. Despite the fact we’ve know each other since childhood and have so many things in common it would appear this one difference is irreconcilable. I am no longer worthy of their friendship.

Turns out I am not a fan of being stereotyped. How about that!

A recently developed friendship with another individual breaks all my preconceived stereotypes about the other side; the dark side. I worried such a fundamental difference would prevent us getting along. Come to find there is more to this person than a political affiliation, just as I am not defined solely on mine. Seeing eye to eye on other issues and having common interests results in us looking past that one dividing denominator. I am glad I didn’t dismiss this person, as my old friend recently dismissed me.

How about that… me, friends with a liberal. I guess that means I need to check my “trad” credentials at the door. I still draw the line at hippies.

… things were so much simpler when they were black and white.

*Don’t worry, Thom. You’re still my favorite heathen.

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully God's judgments are black or white.Agnus

  • Awww, you know you're still my favorite veiled crusader!

  • Anonymous

    D.: "Tu es toujours mon préféré…"

  • naturellement je suis!

  • And this liberal still considers you a friend, as I do those on Facebook who are conservative 🙂

  • Ben

    First seek to understand and then to be understood.

  • Sorry to hear you lost a friend. It's crazy how much we allow politics and beliefs to influence our love for others. Some of my best friends have such different views on things, and I try to avoid heated arguments, but that doesn't mean we can't have intelligent discussions on our differences. I don't consider myself either conservative or liberal, but I share some opinions with those of each category. And I find that, more often than not, 2 people can have the same inspiration behind very different positions. For example, someone who is against universal health care may have just as much concern for the poor and sick as someone who supports the idea. I don't pretend to know which way is best, but I do know that I can't judge someone's character just because they have a different opinion on the role of government. I hope your friend comes around. God forgives, so any broken bond can be restored.