August never fails me…

… some times I like to check the archive for the month of the following years; to chart my progress… note how far I’ve come or how little I have done to improve myself.

I came across this; composed two years ago and quoting myself from 2 years prior…

“Our suffering is a gift from God. Our sins, sufferings and short comings that result from our humanity make us see that God does indeed have a divine sense of humor. Without these constant reminders of our imperfections, our suffering and our sins, we would easily fall into spiritual apathy. It is through my sins and anguish that I can see how pitiful and wretched I am. Then I am forced to call on Him to deliver me from my own devices.”

When I said August has always been a bad month for me that was no light exaggeration. Like everything bad that happens, I end up surviving and moving on. Deo Gratias, indeed.

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  • You read my mind. It almost seems sacrilegious to say that sin is necessary but it must be, at least in my case. I am so proud that when I am coasting along feeling proud of myself I need to stumble and fall to realize my pitiful state.

  • I found that helpful with my current mood state..

  • I had an epiphany moment today. This is as good as it gets. We have to deal with it.

  • the only thing better is Heaven.

  • …a your divine sense of humor is our happiness.

  • Familias católicas

    I found this for your liturgical dance section. Dont miss it. August is bad month, but plenty of good saints! Sacred Liturgy is happiness of our world isn't it?;=4044in english