the paypal donation button was a successful endeavor…


"Pithy and so, so, true. If it were possible, I'd post a million of these ..."

#whyIstayed Why Women Stay In Domestically ..."
"All the best to you, Katrina! We'll miss you. Thanks for sharing your journey with ..."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
"Bon voyage on your new endeavours. And thank you."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
"I will miss your unique, funny, honest voice. Thank you for all the years of ..."

Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • Look how well dressed they all are.

  • Wha? They eat eat eat doncha know!:-p

  • Meh. I have to get in a good jab or two. I offended his holiness and he blocked my IP from viewing his site. Sadly, he didn't realize he blocked an entire IP range for a public library, and that I can still get in at home. ;-)*grin*

  • Fr. Z reports you are under the weather. I hope its not serious. Prayers for your recovery.In ICXCJohn

  • Good wishes and prayers.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to morning prayer and mass in a minute… I will pray for your health & happiness.P&B;.

  • I'll keep you in my prayers as well.John

  • Just found this blog. Priceless posts. I'm sure my wife will love them, too.As above, Fr. Z. says you are not well. Will will offer our Rosary tonight for your health.

  • There's definitely enough evidence to convince you of being Catholic. When I first scrolled down to this post in my dashboard feed, I thought it said, "the PAPAL donation button was a successful endeavor…" i.e., I've come to expect Catholic humor and art out of you.Feel better.

  • B. Hold– I did the same thing!!!Feel better, Carolina!!

  • Using blog administrator authority to delete certain comments. While I encourage open exchanges, please do not use the "anon" function to be snippy, at least use a pseudonym. Hugs and smooches.

  • Y'all be nice.