and thus ends vestment week…

our last submission brought to us by John, Ad Orientem.

Tomorrow… TONSURE week! Stayed tuned.

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  • The chalice.. the bread.. WTH?Although I suppose that The Littles had to attend church somewhere.

  • That's a really big chalice.

  • The Littles are Orthodox?! Who knew!Maybe John can add some insight for us.

  • I don't know where John got the picture, but it looks to me like it's probably a big Russian cathedral (in Russia), hence, the size of the chalice and the prosphora.

  • Indeed it's a photo of Patriarch Kyril preparing the gifts before liturgy. He typically celebrates in large churches or cathedrals.In ICXCJohn

  • We have large churches too, but I have NEVER seen a vessel of those proportions! Is that a common thing?

  • In major cathedrals it's not unusual to use oversized chalices for the consecration. Remember that we don't permit multiple chalices to be used for consecration on the altar. Also a very large chalice is sometimes used along with a very large Lamb for Sunday liturgies during Great Lent. We do not permit the celebration of the Divine Liturgy during most weekdays in Lent so a large amount of Lamb and Wine is consecrated to provide for the faithful during the Liturgy of the pre-Sanctified Gifts and also for the sick. Once the Holy Gifts have been consecrated they are very carefully transferred to smaller chalices to commune the faithful.In ICXCJohn

  • John, I should have known that! Thanks for clarifying.

  • I wanna see him drink outta that chalice…