from your donations…

… I was able to purchase my stethoscope and pressure cuff, a pair of nursing shoes, 2 sets of scrubs, The Boy’s Wolf Scout uniform and a three month supply of my heart medication.

I thank you sincerely for your generosity. Your donations helped with my immediate needs and for that I am abundantly grateful.

Now, wasn’t that more fulfilling than helping a faceless charity that will inundate you with junk mail and you are uncertain what portion of your funds actually makes it to the deserving recipient. Rest assured, 100% of your donations goes to me.

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  • It's fantastic you did so much with your donations. I wish I could have sent something to you, too. But I will say, your cub scout can get help from his pack or district. In the past six or seven years, our family has donated money for the Friends for Scouting . . . I'd be willing to send you this years amount to help your boy further along, rather than cut the check to a local district here. I have two sons, both Boy Scouts. You can email me at Sarahs.Journey(at) if you are interested . . . if your boy has all he needs, perhaps you could still use a donation? God bless you!!

  • Very fulfilling. Especially since we know that THE BOY was able to use the stethoscope to listen to flatulence.

  • Wonderful! I'm a new blogger here and didn't notice the donation button on your sidebar (sorry). If I ever get a job, I'll be happy to donate to you. In the meantime, all I can do is offer a few prayers on your behalf, which will start with this afternoon's Chaplet at 3:00. Fr. Erik Richsteig…LOL! Love that comment. 😀

  • (Don't be fooled- there's junk mail. Every animated Mary prayer that you don't send to 20 people that she gets she passes on to every donor.)

  • Damn, girlie, I sent you that money for liquor and ciggies! Don't go wasting it!