looks like it’s an East v. West show down …

… for the title of snazziest vestments.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow submitted by John, Ad Orientem.

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  • East is going to win as the West disarmed itself in 1964.

  • I agree!. The West has some very nice traditional vestments pre Vatican 2, and some bland post Vatican 2 vestments. But in the East, all the priests actually wear their nice vestments. Not true for the majority of Roman Catholic priests. They prefer the bland post Vatican 2 vestments. This one goes to the East.

  • Yep… got to admit the East has it… The west has to find the that copy of "Splendor of Polyester" and burn it. Also the East wins with Incense. I went to my old Roman Rite parish for a Sunday liturgy. The deacon censed the alter and you could barely see the smoke.My deacon at my Eastern parish censes and it looks like a fog bank coming in… LOVE IT!

  • As Cardinal Ratzinger once put it, "noble simplicity" doesn't mean cheap.