if my camera batteries hadn’t just died…

… I could have taken a video of the mariachi band playing in my back yard right now. I can’t help but think… too bad it’s not a Friday night or else I’d join the party. That and too bad Digi doesn’t live next door because I bet she’d join me.

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  • The only thing I have in my back yard are a couple of squirrels that are taunting my dog. Mariachi bands are so much more fun that that. 🙂

  • CC: Watch out, girl! heh

  • On occasion I have had the pleasure of seeing live mariachi bands. You are blessed to have one come to your backyard.

  • Wait a minute. I live in San Antonio, and I've never had a live mariachi band in my backyard. Looks like fun!

  • Not to be a total curmudgeon, but if this showed up in my backyard after 7 PM, we would send off a round of cherry bombs…not kidding…this is a monastery, you know!

  • Join you?! Hell, I would have brought the blender!

  • Ever since the Muto Propio allowed the Latin Mass, Mariachi bands have become unemployed (no more Mariachi Masses).Mariachis wandering as Cain, blowing their trumpets and singing their sad refrains, sometimes in backyards, is all that is left of this once proud Vatican II tradition.Oh, the humanity!P.S. Did they leave behind any Coronas? Limes?*