… my absolute favorite month, it has everything. Cooler weather, crisp air, coloful foliage and clear skies… not to mention it’s a lively month in the Church.

It starts off with one of my favorite liturgical practices; los dias de muertos or all saint’s day to you gringos. In fact, my 1st blog post was on this subject and the marriage of my two ehtnic traditions. Then you have Christ the King, the Presentation of Mary and the start of Advent at the end of the month, with some fabulous saints sprinkled in between; Cabrini, De Porres, Andrew, Elizabeth of Hungary, Cecilia, Leo the Great, and from the meniaon of the month; Nectarious and Chrysostom.

This month is dedicated to the souls in purgatory and I make a habit throughout the year to pray for the souls of the deceased, especially the protestant ones that have no one to pray for them. I remember when my grandmother passed away her best friend, a baptist, told me I could finally stop praying for her. It was at that moment on that very day I made it a habitual practice to pray every day for forgotten souls in purgatory.

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  • Great post! I always feel sad when someone loses a friend or family member and they forget…or think they don't need prayers.

  • Suz

    …and when all the souls you pray for enter into heaven they will remember you and pray for you! The Communion of Saints rocks!!

  • Beautiful and God bless you for praying for those for whom no one (or at least not likely anyone) prays. Directly along that line, if you're interested, here's how we spent our first Sunda

  • I participated in a Dia de los Muertos celebration on Monday, placing pictures of my deceased family on an altar they had made for the occasion, and it was so very moving to spend time remembering them and praying for them. Its a beautiful tradition.

  • Crescat – Enlighten me. Do you think everyone that is NOT Catholic goes to purgatory? Kinda unclear on this.

  • Nah, everyone who is not bound for hell but is also not completely pure gets time in purgatory – Catholic, heretic, and heathen alike.Catholics and non-Catholics can still end up in hell.Anthony OPL