why being a parent rocks …

… because childless couples can’t pilfer their kids candy when they aren’t looking.

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  • Seriously one of the best perks of parenthood!! Vive le chocolat!

  • What do you mean not looking? I used to take the candy while they were looking!! Told my kids it was cut of the loot!! LOL!!

  • I have practically a whole bowl of candy left..only 5 trick-or–treaters last night..but most of it will go in to work tomorrow so it doesn't end up onmy backside…

  • one bite size snickers bar has 4 grams of fat and my cubicle is now full of about 10 pifered ones..do the math:we have 5 under age 6,and they ALL had their own treat bags.We went as zealous and crazy for Halloween.LOL True 'dat.