omg I am a horrible Catholic…

… or why I am not sold on midnight mass.

Because there is something inherently wrong about going to mass after the annual family Christmas party; which you have to be inebriated to survive, then sitting in a packed pew with kids passed out on top of you, after wards driving home at 2am, followed by playing Santa for the next two hours only to be woken up one hour later by your exuberant son at the crack of dawn.

There is a reason why my requests for firearms as a Christmas present are ignored every year.

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  • It'll get better as time goes on…hang in there!:<)!!

  • We're too tired to go to MM so we go at 11 the next morning.

  • Here in the Twin Cities it is snowing like mad and we expect 10" to 20" of it by Saturday. There won't be much partying and, I'm afraid, not much Mass attendance either. It's narsty out there. God bless, have a merry Christmas!

  • But there are SO MANY ways to be a terrible, awful Catholic. Tonight, at Midnight Mass, I will strive NOT to look around me and wonder, "Where the heck were all these people in June?"I will fail.

  • Old Bob ~ I'm also in MN, and they're predicting, at least in the Cities, at this point 10-12 inches by TONIGHT, Christmas Eve. They're predicting 10-14 by end of the day Friday (Christmas) and more on Saturday. Don't know what part you live in but…oy, it's nasty!Cres ~ I've NEVER been to Midnight Mass, and I hear you on the "need to be inebriated" to survive. We go to Christmas Eve Mass, which tonight I have to attend with them…if the roads don't prevent us…at a weird church with an altar that is in a bowl instead of raised as it should be. *sigh* We CAN'T go to Midnight Mass because Mom wouldn't be able to handle it with her meds and health. And my brother doesn't care as he's a fallen away Catholic and is HOPING the storm will prevent us from even GOING tonight or tomorrow!So no, you're not a bad Catholic for not going to Midnight Mass….if you are, then so am I.

  • Old Bob ~ sorry you DID say you're in the cities too. I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning! lol Be safe!

  • Haha, even the pope is celebrating it at 10pm this year.

  • Our midnight Mass is at 11:00 pm. That's because Moneypenny likes his beauty sleep. And trust me, he needs it.I am a Eucharistic Minister at the 5:00 pm Vigil tonight and a Lector at the 11:00 pm. The children know to approach Mommy's side of the bed on Christmas morning quietly, remove the Kimber .45 from the nightstand, and then slowly hold the cup of freshly brewed coffee underneath my nose until I stir . . .

  • I don't go to Midnight mass either, not since I have more than one child… and my DH couldn't care less anyway, and I do 8:00 pm mass on Christmas Eve, then party afterwards… I imagine, when the kids are older and (as much as I hate to think of it) my mother-in-law is no longer with us, perhaps I will do Midnight mass again.

  • I probably wouldn't go to Midnight Mass if I weren't a musician. As it is, I'm paid to be there. And at the 8:30 and 10:30 the next morning. (They tried to get me to do 12:15 as well, but I absolutely refused to do more Christmas Masses than the pastor.)My Christmas Eve is normally spent trying to get as much sleep as possible in preparation for the next 24 hours.