Ok, boys & girls. Repeat after me…

… never never never book hotels in foreign countries under the influence of alcohol. In my case, a lot of alcohol. After 4 vodka & tonics your criteria for accommodations changes and takes a turn for the worst. Case in point…

We thought it would be funny as hell to book a night in an uber trendy hotel in Zurich that has a trance club downstairs and where the decor looks like an Ikea bomb exploded in it.

“Welkome to z ‘otel. Evry room haz speekers for da trahnz muzak. Glo-styx are 5 euro.”

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  • Hmmm. Already I'm worried about you and you haven't even left yet. Vicarious travel can be daunting. My college-aged daughter once called me from the airport in Beijing with the report that someone had apparently stolen her wallet.She had, in fact, placed it in a little-used pocket of her enormous travel bag, but I aged about five years with that call.

  • I can see that bail money fund is going to get good use 🙂

  • I would have booked that hotel sober!

  • I bet you would have. Damn it man, I wish you were going with me. Did you know, smoking marijuana is legal in Zurich. HA! Those crazy Europeans.

  • Sounds like fun! (Maybe).You might need liquor to endure that whole escapade…we'll be waiting for details:<)!

  • Nan

    np, I was just going to suggest that she administer alcohol to endure the trance club hotel. Kat, please provide audio and video. Unless I stay with circus performers in St. Petersburg, I'm gonna have nothing to compare.

  • Uhm, I have to ask (I've been cloisterd for over twenty years!)…what is a "trance club"?:<)!

  • Fr. I'm a laywoman and I don't know what a trance club is. It sounds kinda noisy.

  • Dance – trance: continuous techno dance music – kinda sorta like disco.Kat – I know!

  • Thanks, Terry!I thought "eet vas das sherman accent, yah?!"