the boys have been put on high alert…

… seems that news of my impending visit has prompted precautions.

Swiss Guard attend a briefing on American stalker’s visit to Rome.

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  • Which one of these Swiss guards you like to arrest you, take your pick.

  • now remember boys this girl ain't armed but she sure is crazy………. (End of briefing)Now boys which one of you will volunteer to Marry her?

  • I think you are right – I just read in the news all the 'hot' ones were given Easter furlough so only the homely ones (shown in photo) will be on duty when you arrive – extra security I guess.

  • Thought you'd get a kick out of that! Happy Easter!

  • They look petrified.

  • Attn. boys, her Majesty Queen Crescat from the Kingdom of Blogsphere is coming to look for a brave, strong and handsome man among you to be her future husband and King. LOL

  • Homely?? They're all tall, blonde, and handsome to me.. :)I'm also a sucker for a man in uniform :)Happy Easter to all..Sara

  • I don't know…they look pretty nervous to me…poor blokes!They're getting their "marching orders", I presume:>)!…for the future.