fire, fire, fire…

… inside every Catholic lies a fire bug with deep seeded pyromaniac tendencies. Just ask Fr. Erik or any other priest whose Easter Vigil fire can be seen from space. That is why I marvel at parents who lament they can’t get their kids to pray. Sure you can! Give ’em some matches [with adult supervision] and let them be in charge of lightening the votive candles. Bonus points if you incorporate incense… kids love smoke as much as flames!

The Catholic Kid @ St. Lawrence Basilica in Ashville, NC.

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  • Derik

    who supervises the supervisor?

  • Jean M. Heimann

    I have a gift for you at Catholic Fire here

  • USMC 9971

    There is something about prayer and candles. I'd like to think that my daughter wants to pray with me just to pray with me, but I'm rather certain that it has more to do with the candles and Latin. It warms my heart to hear her ask, "May I pray with you tonight, Dad?" (not that I don't say prayers with her every night, but that's in her room at bedtime – no candles and much less Latin involved).