stating the obvious…

… is a natural inclination that children have.

This weekend I found myself with The Boy and some friends at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. We were there less than thirty minutes before my son exuded his charm. He excitedly ran up to some random colossal piece of shit modern art sculpture that was sitting out in a corridor and starting running his hands all over it. I think he was going to ask me what it was when a security guard came over and sternly barked, “Son! Please do not touch the art!”.

Embarrassed my son looked innocently up at the guard and apologized, “I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know this was supposed to be art.”

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  • Mark Scott Abeln

    Love it!

  • The Zapman


  • Shark Bait

    Oh I am laughing right now.

  • Karen

    He's awesome!

  • Dan
  • Lydia McGrew

    Out of the mouth of babes… :-)

  • Janny

    You have CLEARLY raised him right. After all, he did say, "Sir." :-)JB

  • Just another mad Catholic

    that merrits your boy at least a tip of the biretta

  • Charlie

    Bwaha! I love it.

  • doctoreric


  • Anthony S. Layne

    Hooray for The Boy!

  • Anita Moore

    Puts me in mind of the janitor years ago who cleaned up a pile of bricks at an art museum. Turned out the pile of bricks was an exhibit.

  • Linda

    Smart boy you've got there!

  • truthfinder

    Bravo to the boy! As far as a lot of "art" today goes, "the emperor" REALLY "has no clothes"!

  • Joe of St. Thérèse

    LOL!, I was in DC that week