you know you’re a kitschy Catholic when…

… you think having a bathtub in your in front yard is a superb idea.

Some one left an old tub on the side of the road and my first thought upon seeing it was to immediately call a friend and beg them to bring their truck so I could take it home and stick it in my yard. Imagine it! My very own Bathtub Madonna. My Abuelita would be so proud.

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  • It's REALLY Catholic when you have geese, on either side, guarding Mary. That rocks!

  • dmw

    Poor St. Anthony lost his tub.

  • You need to get a permit to build a grotto but not to plant a bathtub.

  • doughboy

    you know it kinda works.

  • I like it!

  • Jen

    These are *everywhere* back home in New Orleans and the southeastern region of Louisiana… not so prevalent here in the Seattle area!

  • Whatever works for you…

  • OMG, it makes my day whenever I see one of these. I want one soooo bad. Not just any BVM, but one in an upturned tub. And somewhere else in the yard I will someday have, I want St. Francis of Assisi and a STL Cardinals yard gnome (not under a bathtub).

  • s-p

    I love it! But I have to say I'd probably string Christmas lights around it too. Really.

  • It's wonderful. Maybe we need more of these in the UK too.

  • Where I'm from it's called Mary on the half-shell. Commonly seen in the traditionally Polish or Italian neighborhoods in Rust Belt cities. Right down the street from the tavern that serves the best Lenten fish fries. I'm making myself homesick.

  • We have one built in our neighborhood that is set into the side of the house and decorated like Our Lady of Guadalupe. They spruce her up with lighted rays from her Feast day through Christmas. The tub behind her is pained with gold leaf.It's really actually quite spectacular.

  • This outdoor sanctuary, sadly, USED to exist in my hometown growing up. The guy who made it went off to a nursing home and the town had to sell off the property for the back taxes (he apparently never paid them) and the house is now condemned. But it was, while it lasted, a beautiful testimony to Our Lady and this man's faith.

  • You are risking the wrath of Heaven!!! Several visionaries have reported that Our Lady is not happy with these. She can only restrain her Son so much. And for South Jersey??? she says "Boy, do whatcha gotta do!"

  • Hey, Kat…better watchit!The Bishops are gonna start "corralling" Catholic bloggers (LOL!)I know it's true because Mr. Terry said so:

  • Do you cut the tub in half or do you bury part of it?

  • s-p

    If you bury it it makes it harder for your wife to dig up and haul off while you're at work. 🙂

  • This is SO cool to me, in the West Texas area they have these all over the place, mostly the dark skinned BVM

  • And FYI:I did not allow the bathtub from the house we are "gutting" at our future "Priory" to become a "Shrine"…sorry…white trash is out…we have Mennonite neighbors here…the neighborhood needs to have some "integrity"…I know, I know. I'm being a total "p***"; I just don't want the neighbors to think we're totally white trash, okay?

  • Very interesting! The idea is to NOT notice the bathtub, which is obviously impossible. I'd say anyone who displays one of these Marys on the half-shell is super devout.

  • I hope to have one of those someday! (With La Virgen de Guadalupe inside.) I'd like to decorate it kitchen tiles. I've always thought they were wonderful, and as a baptist growing up seeing one always made me curious about 'them Catholics'.