In 10+ years …

… I’ve got it all planned out.

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Ten Years is a Long Run…
"Bon voyage on your new endeavours. And thank you."

Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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  • They look pretty western to me.

  • Excellent news Kat, God willing the two of us will both be Mary's Carmelites by then, I doubt you could go wrong with these Brides of Christ; they were aided by Servent of God Fr. Walter Cizsek one of the old school Jesuits

  • Jon

    Kat,Not kidding – a young lady, the daughter of friends from our parish (FSSP in Harrisburg), joined this community last year. She's ecstatically happy.Her (biological) sisters filmed the day of her entrance. The video's on Facebook. I'll ask my wife how to get it, and send you the link.

  • You need spiritual direction while preparing for it. A vocation is so precious that it needs to be handled with great care.I guess the 10 yr. time frame was made in consideration for parenting. Because, now is a good a time as any – all things being equal.I wish you the best – specially in this endeavor.

  • They raise miniature horses! Cool. I'd go with you if they'd let me bring my husband

  • There's an Eastern Catholic Monastery in my neck of the woods, if ever you want to come visit.

  • um… this was a joke. There is no order in hell that would have me. This is not me. ever. unless the order has a brewery and is in need a lay taste tester.

  • Jon

    The wife and I just got home from an evening out at a brewery with a priest friend.Sister Taste-Tester would've been welcome!

  • maybe you could be the extern sister?

  • Hey, they may not be 'the only Carmelite Monastery in the Western Hemisphere belonging to an Eastern Catholic Rite.' =D