… It takes a lot to render me utterly speechless. But I can confidently say that I have heard it all in regards to ridiculous justifications for euthanasia of the elderly, terminally ill and mentally or physically handicap… from a nursing ethics instructor no less.

“Choosing to end their lives is an act of great compassion and sacrifice because it allows other to receive the funds and care they would otherwise consume. It is a wonderful, selfless act to end your life in those circumstances; like donating your organs. Yes, medically assisted suicide is as much an act of charity as being an organ donor.”

It’s Action T4 revisited.

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  • Isn't that what Hitler said?

  • God have mercy on us all!And to think…I used to think this way too. Yeah, God does have mercy alright. Pray that the other kool-aide drinkers will also wake up in time!!

  • Unfortunately–like it or not–it is the reality of this day…In my family–my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer…and he had GOOD health insurance…unfortunately MediCare and most private health insurance does not pay for nursing homes, and due to his retirement income he did not qualify for MedicAid…between nursing homes, insucance copays etc I burned through 50K of my personal saving in about 6 months…if he had been in a nursing home long term then we would have had to address issues such as selling my mom's home…then who does she live with?? My brother and his wife and I would have had to get second jobs–and all of us salaried to begin with–so just tell me WHEN I have the time to work a secobnd job??the nice nursing home we had him in was $3000 a month due to the specialized care he required. And neither me nor my brother have young children to provide for…that would have been and additional financial burdenYes–care like this costs money..LOTS of it.Your nursing instructor was correct in a crass way….if you can't get on MedicAid the nursing home and other health care bills will destroy you. I was lucky I even had money in savings to at least address the initial bills..but it was money I had saved bit by bit for almost 20 years for a down payment on my house…there it went. We got a small life insurance settlement…but it mostly went to pay funeral cost and medical bills.Hard decisions that many folks have to face.Sara

  • Kat- Thanks for the link to the article on Aktion T4, excellent pull. I knew the Nazis held these "compassionate" beliefs about the elderly, mentally ill and disabled as part of their vile "uebermenschen" philosophy, but I've never heard of Aktion-T4 before and didn't know they had an organized political program to pursue their despicable goals. Sounds like your nursing ethics instructor would be proud to display the Aktion T-4 propaganda poster depicted at the top of the linked Wiki article in her classroom…."Read 'New People', the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics…" Does Obama have a Bureau for Race Politics? Oh wait, that would be the Dept of Health and Human Services, run by CINO pro-abort Kathleen Sebelius. Perhaps they will republish the 1938 poster with updated terminology.Obamacare rescues Aktion T4 from historical obscurity and brings it right up to date.

  • My skin was literally crawling as I read this post.

  • Well, you've learned the principle that is becoming the foundation of all bioethics: the bottom line. Welcome to my world.

  • Speechless… angry… desperate… what happened to our profession?

  • I would love to share this despicable quote but would like to know where it's from. Can you share its source?

  • Debbie, I'm sorry but no, I can not give a source because it was heard during a personal conversation and I do not blog anonymously.

  • I thought these people took an oath to preseve life. If they didn't, they should. If they did, they're breaking it big time. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Theresa, I followed the link and read your post. And while this thinking may be common practice in the field of medicine it doesn't make it right. And I disagree that it is about money… the bottom line is about EUGENICS and getting to determine who is worthy of life. Saying it is "cost effect" is just another justification for killing people others think aren't worth our time and effort. I think it is fantastic that you have served as a nurse for 35 years and I applaud your commitment.

  • Dre

    Geez, why go to a hospital/doctor then? My grandfather hated hospitals because that is where you went to die (in the 20s and 30s) Now it's becoming that again. You know, if I'm dying, just be nice to me and care for me as much as you can. Don't try to prolong things just for the sake of prolonging things, and don't bump me off before my time, okay? Oh, and do give me food and water in any way that I'm able. Porfavor?

  • Here's the thing, though, Andrea: Taking care of people even in non-high-tech ways is expensive, so they will still _want_ to bump you off before your time, and if you start having difficulty feeding yourself, that could give them the perfect opportunity.There's a real bait and switch that goes on in these conversations. Here's how it works: Pro-death person starts out by waxing eloquent over things like ventilators, kidney dialysis, and organ transplant. Well. No problem, says the hapless victim. I wouldn't want anything like _that_. Don't try to prolong things. Just let me die naturally. Bang!! Suddenly, we realize that actually it's your _life_ that is expensive, even without some sort of high-tech gadgets. What's costing all the money is just the fact that, darn it, old so-and-so _won't die_ and continues to need his bed changed, to be turned (if he isn't ambulatory), bathed, and either fed by hand or by tube. I have literally had people start talking about the "cost of tube feeding" and how onerous this is on the family, etc., when actually _that_ isn't the cost in question. It was the cost of the person's remaining alive and still needing care.So…make the person dead. That's their solution.It does not surprise me at all that a nursing instructor gave this little pro-death homily. It's the wave of the future in the medical profession, already coming to the present, and the rest of us have to brace ourselves for it and try to figure out how we are going to save ourselves and our loved ones from it, if we can.In England, they unilaterally dehydrate people to death even against the wishes of the family. It's a completely socialized system. The family has no say.

  • Crescat – thank you, even that helps 🙂

  • Oh dear, Kat, I certainly didn't want to give the impression that I agree with the premise that people should want to voluntarily end their own life! Whether the driving force behind that is cost or eugenics, its still totally wrong. If I gave any other impression, that wasn't my intent. That said, its still possible to practice patient-centered care within the confines of the system we have to work in…just trickier is all!

  • Euthanasia is perfectly consistent with the utilitarian ethic of Socialists that see no intrinsic value in people. This Nov 2, don't vote for Democrats who support this culture of death. Having Conservatives in power will put the brakes on these types of ideologies.

  • Dre

    We need religious sisters and brothers back to provide the ministry of serving the dying, like back in the day or like Mother Theresa. We'll need to do a underground railroad style set up, sneaking people out of the hospital because they are going to be killed and get them to some place they can live and die in peace. The Little Sisters of the Poor come to mind. They have homes for homeless elderly. Can't we appeal to the tree huggers that we prefer our deaths organic? Or like natural childbirth? That's what I bring up when I discuss contraception with non-catholics. Let nature take its course.

  • Unfortunately Rick, it depends on the conservative. There is very much a Machiavellian wing in the GOP that either wishes pro-lifers would go away and if they can't have that, then they will just sucker them. Lydia who commented earlier could tell you all about National Right to Life and the Disappearing Stem-Cell Research Issue act.

  • I know what my response to that nursing ethics instructor would have been: 'You first'.

  • @Romish: You are right about those Repubs. But as the saying goes, "Better the devil you know…." The Dems have professed to support the culture of death – even Obama is willing to have his grandchildren aborted. With the Repubs, there is still a chance that they are pro-life.

  • @ romish and Rick: More and more, I'm beginning to think that Mark Shea's nicknames for the parties—the Stupid Evil Party and the Other Stupid Evil Party ("30% less evil than the other party!")—are too frighteningly appropriate.Kat—please tell me somebody spoke up!

  • Oh, Kat….you need another Pontificate option: Unbefreakinlievable.Sadly, not surprising……but unbefreakinlievable.

  • When men were Doctors and thinkers of civilization, there was no abortion, or contraception, or feminism.Once women started becoming Doctors, Lawyers, public thinkers, well here we are.Women and progress. Oil amd water.It's like a fish riding a bicycle.*

  • Welcome to the world of socialized medicine. As one UK doctor commented on Obamacare, those who avail themselves of it are a financial liability–the less of them, the better. Under current structure (medical care underwritten by insurance companies) those who avail of healthcare are customers you don't want to lose.

  • @Tony: Obama's Socialist ideologies are simply diabolical. The Repubs who sold out have been bought for sure, but not as much as the blood of the Lamb that redeemed mankind from evil; yet they choose mammon instead. If those Judases prevail, then it is time for a party for people of goodwill like Crescat's fans here who do not approve of killing the old and the infirmed just because they cost a lot.

  • @Pablo: Yes, all of the male doctors, lawyers and public thinkers that worked under the Third Reich were great contributors to society until those horrid women came along and messed everything up.p.s. I'm assuming Sts. Gianna Molla and Teresia Benedicta are "exceptions," right?Evil is sexless and apolitical. Euthanasia has become corporate because it is cheaper and more cost-efficient. I had a brief experience with my grandmother and a (non-Catholic/Christian) hospice. I quickly retreated from their services when they could not assure me of a feeding tube if my grandmother were not "terminal" and needed food. Their philosophies are glaringly anti-Catholic in this regard, yet many Catholics in my area support them. The organization was like a machine descending with all of their "services." I said "no, thanks" and took care of her myself with the help of wonderful home health nurses and aides. They helped us to help her live out the rest of her natural life with dignity, as it should be.

  • Wow! Usually one tries to persuade people who wish to end their lives that they should not look upon themselves as a useless burden; that they are precious in spite of how they feel, in spite of any illness, and in spite of what might have gone wrong in their lives.I wonder how, when they have first introduced this cruel and evil logic into society, they plan to persuade for instance a depressed teen that it is not positively the right thing to do to "free up" the resources their families and society at large might have to spend to love them and nurse them to mental health. Or maybe they will end up having little desire to persuade anyone not to free up available resources, presumably (and hopefully!) with the exception of those dear to themselves.

  • Andrea, I don't think that the "organic" approach is going to work, because there has been such a huge amount of propaganda that has convinced people that feeding tubes are "ew, yucky, unnatural," so dehydrating people to death is supposed to _be_ the "organic" approach. It's gotten so bad that even people who can eat by mouth (which really is about as natural as it gets) are _still_ being dehydrated to death. There was a pastor who just recently died in Canada. Looks like he had had a stroke. He went for eleven days in the hospital with _nothing_ until his friends finally got "permission" to feed him by mouth. He died a couple of weeks later. I know it sounds crazy, like, "How can they think that's natural?" but they do. And at this point it's just built into too many medical systems to get it out.Speaking of disappearing pro-life issues (which Romish Graffiti mentions): Allen West, who looked like a great candidate in Florida in various ways, "disappeared" the entire "life issues" section on his campaign web site. I knew I'd seen it before but hadn't gotten a screen capture. Never would have thought I needed one. The statements were okay, though they left a hard-liner like me with some questions, but at this point that's all moot. It's all G-O-N-E gone. I eventually found his life issues section quoted on a blog (of a supporter), so I knew I wasn't losing my mind. Wonder whose brilliant idea it was for West to make _all_ the life issues disappear from his campaign?? (I'm not in Florida, so this isn't an immediate practical issue for me, but it may be for other people.)

  • Pablo, you are one of the biggest idiots on this planet. NEVER, ever forget that God's greatest creation was a WOMAN – the Blessed Virgin Mary.Now get lost!

  • Isn't it ironic that we just came off September, National Suicide Prevention Month, with a story like this?Why is suicide a tragedy if it's a kid or a teenager or a young adult, and then "commendable" when you're past a certain age? And what is that certain age? Have I hit it yet?It's as nonsensical as the argument that there's nothing more despicable than the killer of a child–just ask any prison inmate–yet abortion should be upheld as legal and obtainable for all. What we need is a Common Sense party who'll confront that ideological nonsense for what it is and shoot it down.JB

  • via Lydia: "It's gotten so bad that even people who can eat by mouth (which really is about as natural as it gets) are _still_ being dehydrated to death."And the people who find it totally acceptable to kill a person by dehydration would NEVER dream of doing this to their dog…