vanity thy name is Kat…

… always looking for a way to save money or try a new at home beauty remedy, please, allow me to share my latest find. Sharpies. Now, if you will, do not do anything you are about to read hence forth.

I learned that I can go a few weeks longer in between coloring my grey hairs if I just swipe a black sharpie over the part. Just a little dab, to make them less obvious. This will work only if you black hair. This morning I leaned into the bathroom mirror and decided it was time to break out the Sharpie until my next coloring. It was then, as I leaned in closer to inspect and scrutinize my appearance, I saw it. Then another. Gleaming snow white under the bright bathroom lights. Grey eyebrow hairs. Two on one side and one of the other.

Here, my female readers, is where you need to pay close attention to my cautionary tale of vanity… and do not attempt, ever, what you are about to read.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I have no idea, no excuse and no reason for not reaching into the drawer and getting my tweezers and ending the problem then and there. Perhaps it was because I was still clutching the Sharpie, it was there, convenient at hand. But I did it. I took that marker to my eyebrows.

My God. The horror. Followed by another horror.. there is a reason a Sharpie is called a permanent marker.

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  • Serves you right!!Nothin' wrong with white/grey hair…EVAH!It's a badge of wisdom…even if I'm a frickin' male…he, he, he…!

  • Honey you'd look better than Stacey London with a couple of grey streaks running thru your locks!You may want to lock up the Sharpies.And put a hairdresser on retainer.Oh Blessed Pierre Toussaint, pray for us!

  • The Crescat Comedy Hour!

  • Why do I have a strong hunch that you were one of those small children who chopped a hunk out of your bangs with round-edged scissors?

  • Oh my. You can clear up Sharpie with tea tree oil. It's a natural solvent that works on permanent marker. Just dab it on with a q-tip.

  • I think some mayonnaise will clean that off.

  • Why don't you send that to Reader's digest and get at least $300. That's hilarious.

  • Wait until they start growing out of your nostrils!! Left unattended, we are all, the elephant woman.

  • Working in a lab, I quickly learned that the best solvent for permanent marker is ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. So if you have rubbing alcohol (or *ahem* gin) it should do the job.

  • Watch out for those gray ear hairs…

  • Amy

    When I worked for an insurance company, a lady came into meet with an agent for a policy. She didn't want to show her license, however.Why?When this woman got to the DMV, she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She wasn't particularly thrilled with what she saw, so she wanted to put on some makeup. Except she didn't have any.So she rummaged in her purse and decided a black ballpoint pen would make an EXCELLENT eyeliner.And it did.Until her eyes almost swelled shut.And they took her license photo anyway.

  • Does this mean that Crescat is having second thoughts over the carmel?

  • doughboy


  • Rachel Harold

    Thank you for this belly laugh.  I’ve been there.