a tribute medley…

… dedicated to those who have a special place in their hearts for the Gather Hymnal.

*scatterusout writes, “With the new Mass translations coming out this year, the “Gather” hymnal will sadly become obsolete. With that in mind, I composed a tribute medley to some of the best songs contained therein. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a hymnal around when I was tracking this, so I did the best I could to remember the lyrics from memory. Enjoy!”

*Identity protected from public humiliation and possible job loss.

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  • I don't know whether to break my speakers or laugh my head off

  • So. Much. Win. Thank you, Kat and anonymous songster. You brought a smile to my face on a stressful day!In other news only 256 days until the first Sunday of Advent! I want to make one of those countdown ring chains little kids make to prepare for Christmas.

  • By "Best Songs" I assume you mean worst songs?

  • Clearly this guy has been to the 9AM Sunday Folk Song Mass at my parish.

  • Is it too early to nominate this for a Grammy?Ach, my sides hurt from laughing so hard…

  • I didn't see this one on there:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RZNBEfXVkII have actually heard this at "Mass"


  • Yes! Win! Favorites!My tears have been turned to joy. Thou hast successfully pwned.

  • agghh, Like I told ya before;Woman, you gotta mean streak!

  • ROFL

  • "Gather us in for sermons on Snoopy…" Laugh and cry, laugh and cry… and laugh at the Gordon Lightfoot snippet!

  • Oh, that was lovely! And I thought I was the only one who thought of sea shanties and TV show themes when singing hymns… ;0

  • You crack me up!

  • What? No "Kum-by-yah"? LOL And let's not forget that all-time favorite Good Friday hymn "Were You There.."Love the video. Guitar's a nice touch.

  • How is it that, totally independent of the arranger, he's come up with the exact medley that we're using for the dedication of our new church building next month? (Actually it's "Come All You People/Alabaré/Plenty Good Room/All Are Welcome"–I think the music director deliberately wants to piss off our fairly conservative bishop when he comes to visit.)I didn't start laughing out loud until he got to "Will You Let Me Be Your Sherpa."

  • Heh heh! Actually, I love all those old songs of my childhood, but I love the old songs of Brownies and Girl Guides, too, which they greatly resemble, e.g. "Take care to wonder 'bout the world through which you wander/Never hurry by an open door/for we live in a universe/full of miracles galore. Look for God in small things…" etc.Grown-up hymns for grown-up Catholics, now, thanks.

  • We are fine. We are awesome!Sooo funny. Had to be done.