super heroes…

… with my combined super powers of Mom Guilt and Catholic Guilt I am unstoppable.

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  • Cruise the Groove.

    Please excuse my ignorance but what is "Catholic Guilt"?I am sure it must not be a guilty feeling for being Catholic?I hope.

  • Rick

    @Cruise: It's like the guilt trip inflicted by a Jewish mother.

  • Cruise the Groove.

    RickHa Ha!But wouldn't that be Jewish guilt?

  • Joseph Therese

    @Cruise, yes, only worse :p

  • Cruise the Groove.

    Joseph,Then I am still lost.What is "Catholic Guilt"?

  • Elisabeth

    @Cruise – here's a sample: "It makes me so sad to think that your Heavenly Mother Mary is looking down to see you hitting your sister. When Jesus was small, do you think He hit other children?"

  • Cruise the Groove.

    Elisabeth,Got ya.So it is a good thing.