… did you know all it takes to be a self proclaimed expert is a blog? Blogger will magically bestow these credentials upon you. Seriously. I got my fancifully engraved diploma right beside me… Doctorate in Catholic Stuff with a minor in Shitty Art. It’s totally legit.

Don’t believe me. There are all manor of experts blogging just search for yourself… marriage experts who are “experts” simply because they managed to make it down the aisle, child “psychologists” specializing in child rearing just because they have a kid or two, people giving medical advice because they once dated a doctor or worked as a receptionist in a chiropractor’s office, or simply Catholic “theologians” who write Catholic blogs because they converted and that makes them an expert in their field.

There’s no doubt some of these individuals are intelligent and well read but that does not mean they are in any position to be giving advice. And we are certainly not obligated to take their advice. In fact, I would strongly suggest you question it at every turn. My fantastic readers are always quick to bring it to my attention when I err, which is often. Good. It keeps me humble. If you don’t agree with me, marvelous! As the saying by Jane Austen goes “I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.”

Never ask for advice you aren’t prepared to hear. And if you do, always always consider the source. If you have a genuine concern; be it regarding your health, faith or love life, take it to legitimate sources. Seek the appropriate and professional counsel of someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. I guarantee you it won’t be found here on Blogger.

With that, I will now solemnly proclaim myself an expert in fire arms, divorce, food poisoning, liquor mixology, Catholic Kitsch and Queen of the Un-Finished Novena!

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  • All Hail Queen Crescat, S.E.F.A, S.E.D., M.C.F.P., M.H.L.M, S.C.K.D, L.M.N.O

  • S.T.B. Just kidding! Let's not start that again. :)Anyway, I remember once putting together what I thought was a pretty good Catholic argument only to have an anonymous brick-bat hurler tell me I wasn't a bishop and skeedaddle off. Well, I've never represented myself as a bishop and didn't even represent my argument as having any authority whatsover. I don't mind being told I'm wrong, but like Algebra class, I'd like people to show their work.

  • Sniff, sniff. sniff. Call the whaaaaaaaambUlance quick.

  • To paraphrase Edna Millay, a person who writes a blog appears willfully in public with his pants down.

  • To quote Marshall McLuhan verbatim, "Publication is a self-invasion of privacy." That said self-publication could be the total implosion of privacy.

  • The problem with "experts" who think they know everything, is that they irritate those of us who do.

  • This post is pure Vintage Kat! THANK YOU!!

  • Heh heh! Does that mean I can proclaim myself an expert on being a snark just because my podcast is titled "iSNARK!"? :)BMP

  • But Kat, you are an expert in shitty art.

  • Hopefully, no one will mistake me and my blog for being an "expert" on anything. Keep up the good work, Kat!

  • s-p

    In the immortal lyrics of Goose Creek Symphony c. 1969: "Don't go buyin' no one's answers if your question was for free."