mantilla giveaway from Veils By Vicky…

… whether you wear a mantilla to mass and would like to add to your collection or you are just considering the practice, there’s no denying these are indeed very lovely veils. Hop over to Veils By Vicky and leave a comment with your contact information for a chance to win one of her beautiful veils, of your choice up to $67.00 in value.

Please do not make this post a place to vent your disdain or approval of the head covering practices of women.

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  • The one shown in the photograph is gorgeous! I wish I was brave enough to wear one.

  • BurgoI doesn't take bravery to wear a veil at Mass just humility.If you do, I will, and I am a man [only kidding]

  • I said nothing about disobedience or the otherwise. You did. Using your "thanks" as a thinly veiled [ha ha, see what I did there? Pun!]insult to those who chose not to veil violates my disclaimer. Poof. Be gone.

  • very, very pretty

  • Cruise, No, it also takes bravery if one knows one might be struck for wearing one.

  • TCN

    It is, I believe, a matter on conscience, not of bravery, but I could very well be wrong about that. At any rate, that one is beautiful! Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Here is a short piece from the great St Anns church website on women wearing head coverings at Mass. This is Kats new church.Great pastor!"Q. Why do some women wear veils? Do I need one? A. Women traditionally were required under canon law to cover their heads during Mass. While this tradition fell out of practice after Vatican II, it is still appropriate for women to veil their heads, but not required. Many women view it as a way to give honor to God present in the Holy Eucharist, and also as an act of humility."