Aarrggghhhhh. I am Giant Jesus! You know I see you in there right? You don’t have to pretend you’re not at home. Guys? C’mon! Answer the door…

… I’d like to dedicate today’s installment of Shitty Art to Hilary White. I hope this makes you smile.

Thanks, Scott T.

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  • Yeah, that is pretty awful.

  • G

    He's knocking on the door of the U.N. Good luck with that one, Lord.

  • I know, right!

  • I think Christ abandoned the Lucifer loving United Nations a long time ago.Or at least he hardened their hearts.

  • OK, you made me laugh! It IS pretty awful. Where on earth did you find that?

  • Aww, c'mon! It's a Christian Kitch Classic ™!

  • Holy Crap!!I'm hurting myself laughing.

  • Han

    Kaju Jesus rampaging through New York? We must build a giant MechaJesus to combat him!

  • Laughter's the best medicine; kick that cancer's ass!

  • And THAT is why you don't live in a house with glass walls.

  • Push harder! Push harder!

  • Hey–maybe Jesus will do us all a favor and smite the UN.Hey Lord! ya know how You promised to send twelve legions of angels to anyone who crossed You? Enough of that cocktease, do what You say!

  • Anonymous

    As art, it is awful. But, like the book of Revelation, is precisely what we need.Consider, for example, all the terrible art that's out there that is completely pointless and irrelevant. At least there's something to say about it besides… "he did that on THE RUG???"~ArtCritic