bloody hell…

… the world is going mental! Pray for London, be careful where you get your news, and be thankful for our 2nd amendment.

Many are saying we are witnessing a preview of the violent activity that is to come to the US. Flash mob violence is already here. What I fear from all this media exposure is that the crazies on my side of the pond are watching London and taking notes.

Charlotte, NC is a host city for the Democratic National Convention next year. We’ve all been advised of the possibility of violent flash mobs and rioting during these political events, many of which are going to be held mere blocks from my place of employment. We have also been prepped on how to quickly and safely respond if such an event should arise. And when I refer to safety, I mean my own, not some punk tweeked out on mob mentality.

And as with the media and the London riots, no one here at work is addressing the obvious elephant in the room. It’s all too icky and makes us uncomfortable.

If you are following the events in London at all, I suggest you start here and here.

The big fear is that our police, who are sworn to serve and protect, are forced to serve and protect the wrong sort; the criminals. In not striking back, the police feel they can not be accused of brutality, profiling, and racism. In not striking back they are effectively leaving the law abiding citizens to their own methods of self defense. Is it fair, of course not! Police officer’s face criminal charges themselves when they try to uphold the law and detain the criminal element. It’s absolutely ludicrous to watch this…

Warning: explicit language.

The London police are castrated by orders of “holding the line”. If they dare strike back the media would be all over the footage with a histrionic spin of white bobbies beating poor underprivileged black youth. Never mind the facts; London police officers protecting themselves and maintaining order against criminal thugs. You can very clearly see in the above video the officers are under direct attack and threat. Yet they do not advance, under orders. The aggressive malcontents then cowardly scurry away without penalty of law. Judging from this video, do you think they were afraid of the police?

Do you think the criminals in my Queen City, Charlotte NC, are afraid of the police? Not in the least. Our police officers are no longer allowed to use tasers. A few weeks ago a criminal; with a very long history of beating women, stealing, and other unsavory activities, was killed when an officer had to use a taser on him to get him to desist his criminal activity. That activity was beating his girlfriend in the head at a metro station. He failed to yield to the officer’s demands to cease, and instead chose to round on the officer who then tased his ass. Rightly so. It’s a sorry thing he died before he was given a chance to repent. But if you go around clobbering women at the metro don’t expect not to get tased or arrested.

Naturally everyone cried foul and now our fine men in blue can’t carry tasers and the officer involved in the incident is suspended and under investigation.

It is a very scary thing when we realize that in moments of high terror we are going to be left to own devices because our law enforcement is going to prevented from upholding the law. If you ask me, and you didn’t but it’s my blog, we wasted all that sensitivity training on the wrong people.

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  • Cat, my dad was a reporter at the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention. Not that this is at all consoling, but mobs and riots are not new. Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like if all that insane stuff in the 60s happened today. I would be terrified. But now we are supposed to think of the 1960s as some sort of golden age!

  • It's quite sad that what was a peaceful protest was ruined by someone who just couldn't keep their temper in, and them people started to join. I am praying for them. One person has died already, and it's starting to leave London and spread into the Midlands (Birmingham,etc…). They've trashed pretty much everything.

  • To be fair Kat the fuzz (slang for the police) were outnumbred (10-1 it seemed) and beating a digniiied retreat was probebly the best they could do. Tonight New Scotland Yard has essentially flooded the capital with police.

  • Not to worry when it hits here – all the Tea-Baggers carry guns.

  • Terry–quite a few non-Tea-Baggers carry guns as well. 🙂

  • Were I'm from our city is still grappling with a police brutality case from five years ago in which the police beat, and hogtied a mentally challenged man who was falsely accused of stealing money from a woman in a gas station. He died of suffocation from being hogtied. The police did not stop to ask him questions, the officer came up behind him unannounced and started hitting him with a baton. In the last year in my city of around 200000 people there have been(I believe) 7 questionable shootings by police that have killed citizens. Not to mention many more questionable tazings. With the sort of shoot first/taze first and ask questions later mentality of police in my home town and my state, I have little trust in the police anymore. I've never had a run in with police not even a speeding or parking ticket, and with how overzealous they have become I have no desire to interact with them in a serious way.

  • Mitch, normal law abiding citizen's don't interact with the police on a daily basis. In fact, if you are interacting with the police at all it's usually because you've put yourself in that position via your activity or your nefarious associations. In my post I very clearly described the sound beating to the skull this particular worthless criminal was administering to his "girlfriend". That deserves a solid tasing, which he got. It is unfortunate he died. It's simple, don;t be a criminal or put yourself in that position and you won't have to worry about being tased. Blaming the police, who are doing their highly dangerous job for shitty pay, is nonsensical.

  • At least you can carry guns in the USA, out here we cant.

  • "If they dare strike back the media would be all over the footage with a histrionic spin of white bobbies beating poor underprivileged black youth"Mmmmmmm….