Camino update….

… I haven’t seen the Blessed Virgin Mary in my toast yet telling me otherwise, so I suppose that means my plans to walk the Way of St. James are still on. For those who are serious about going with me, here is the information I have thus far.

In October 2013, I will be walking the entire Camino Frances route, starting from St. Jean Pied de Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees and finishing about 35 days and 780km later in Santiago, Spain.

Do not be dissuaded if you are unable to walk the entire route. I understand most of us don’t get to take a full month off from work, with the standard vacation length usually around 2 weeks.

Those who can squeeze out 3 weeks can arrange to meet around Burgos, those have only 2 weeks can meet me in León or Ponferrada, and anyone else who is only interested or able to do the final 100 km can join me in Sarria. To receive the certificate for completing the Camino de Santiage all that is required is the final 100 km.

I will continue to update any plan changes that may arise and as soon as things get more finalized I will be able to present you with a cost.

In the meantime, visit here.

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  • How far do you have to walk to get the scallop shell?

  • NBW

    I am thinking about it. I am in ok health, but would I have to be marathon runner healthy to do this?

  • well it is a hell of a lot of walking and the first part is in the Pyrenees, read mountainous terrain. I would start walking now. I joined a hiking club to get in shape.

  • Will you camp out along the way, or will you stay in homes? This is interesting. How will you eat?

  • Donna, they have albergues [pilgrim hostels] along the route, every 20-30km. You check in, get a cot, and sleep for the night. Some have kitchens and some supply breakfast. In each town you can pick up supplies or food and eat picnic style on the route or have a restaurant meal in the evening after albergue check in. The pilgrim menu is at a reduced rate. In October there will be far less pilgrims on the road so the albergues won't be packed and I won't need to camp or sleep on the floor. Hopefully.

  • Can you shower in the allergies?

  • Can I bring my children? It would be educational. For all of us.

  • If you think they can walk 15 miles a day for weeks on end w/out complaining. Donna, yes. The albergues have showers.

  • susan

    ummmm…..shouldn't you be doing this in Oct. 2012, seeing as how the world's all collapsing into a big fireball in Dec. 2012?

  • I cannot believe that I put "allergies" for "albergues." I may be having a middle-aged moment, but I'm truly not that dotty.

  • Oh kat you will love it. It is truly amazing.

  • I May in fact come Kat, keep me updated

  • Teresa

    the photo reminds me of the secondstrophe of "Wayfaring Stranger", the beautiful land:I know dark clouds will gather o'er meI know my way is rough and steepYet beautiful fields lie just before meWhere God's redeemed, their vigils keepI'm going there to see my motherShe said she'd meet me when I comeI'm just a going over JordanI'm just a going over home

  • I'd really like to do this. My SIL and I have been talking about doing it for years. Will you keep us updated? I might start saving now (and increase my morning run) and hopefully, if I"m not pregnant at the time (curse you, NFP) maybe I can make it work. It would be so amazing. Even if I can't make it I am so looking forward to reading about you doing it. It sounds so incredible.