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… Today, readers, you are in for a marvelous treat. My eight and a half year old son declared he wants to follow in my footsteps and be the next young prolific blogger. Below is his appeal. He writes as follows;

My mom won’t let me be on face book even though some of my friends are on it. She said I had to be at least 13. That’s forever! So I asked her if I could have a blog but she said if I put stuff on the internet it would be worse than when I learned to talk and started telling everyone her business. Like that time at Christmas dinner when I told everyone she only smoked cigarettes when she drinks. She said I had to learn “discretion” first. After I looked up the word in my dictionary I asked mom how she could teach me something she doesn’t do. She called me a wise butt but used the bad word instead of butt. I guess that means my brains are in my butt. I told her if I had a blog too I could practice my typing and writing. My teachers keep telling me to write more detail in my writing homework. She said I could type this post as practice and then she would think about it. That usually means no. If you think I should have a blog please tell my mom. Thank you. Love Tom. PS I like this picture because I have red hair and the boy has a dog. My mom won’t let me have a dog until I learn “responsibility”.

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  • geeklady

    1) This is adorable.2) If he wants to practice and improve his writing, let him write a weekly feature here, where you can serve as his editor.

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Now THAT is some funny shit!

  • Rob

    An outstanding first post. You should blog regularly. But I understand your Mom's reluctance. You will be stiff competiton in next year's blog awards.

  • Jeanne

    He DEFINITELY deserves a blog… :)

  • joan

    Fr.Finigan posts a link to a new blog by a 12 year old

  • Tim

    Great first post. Shows both a sense of humor and a high degree of reasoning power (what with his inference about the supposed location of his brains). And what better way is there to have him learn "responsibility" than to get him a dog!(You wanted us to encourage him, right?)

  • The Crescat

    Joan, thank you for the link to the young blogger. I'm sure my son will be interested to read it as well.

  • Christopher Lake

    I think that he will be a great blogger, and a dog would be wonderful for him. In the end though, Mom is boss here. What she says goes, in both cases (including if she changes her mind and allows him to have a dog and/or a blog)!

  • Karen

    I think you should let Tom have a blog. Of course, what he posts up there should be monitored by you and all comments, if you choose to allow comments, should also be moderated by you. My daughter is about to turn ten next month and my husband and I have been contemplating letting her have a blog of her own to encourage her to write more. I'm with you on not allowing Facebook.

  • ce58

    In the end, what Mom says goes, but I would recommend that the young man be allowed to work on a post each week to be posted on a certain day. Then Mom can edit, help him with his writing skills, and learning "responsibility" and "discretion."

  • Agnes B Bullock

    What if her were allowed a dog and then was allowed to blog about the dog?

  • MommyMagpie

    Dear young man,I agree that you are too young to be on Facebook. I have a son who will be 14 next week and he isn't on Facebook either. As for the blog, there was a commenter above me who suggested you write guest posts on your mom's blog until you are a little older and have learned some more "responsibility." Finally, regarding a dog: dogs are a LOT of work. Just ask the almost-14-year-old son of mine, whose "responsibility" the dog is. And we didn't have to train our dog; he came already housebroken and knew how to walk on a leash.In closing, writing guest posts on your mom's blog is a good way to get readers so that when you do get your own blog they will follow you. I'm one of them.Deo gratias!

  • MCK

    Tom should have a weekly post here, I think! Great writing for an 8 and a half year old!

  • HoyaGirl,

    I'm with geeklady ~ he may practice by guest-blogging here with you as editor. He's a hoot, and I can see where he gets his sense of humor! Thanks for sharing him with us! Oh, and tell him my word verification is "doodero" ~ any 8.5 year old HAS to appreciate that! :)

  • Just another mad Catholic

    My advice is that Tom ought to concentrate on his grammer.

  • Tim

    My advice is that Just A Mad Catholic ought to concentrate on his spelling. ;]

  • margaret

    Dear Tom,My cat blogs so I don't see why you shouldn't. Perhaps starting off as a guest writer on mom's blog would be a good idea.Your friend in Scotland, Margaret

  • Mary B

    Wonderful! My education classes called Recent Developments in Technology in Education and The Special Need Student both advocated student blogs. For safety they suggested a limited audience or a teacher ensure every post is void of identifying features. God Bless!

  • Ann

    Love it! I have two boys (10 and 15), so I get the mom-son thing. I think you should let him guest here. I would love to read his posts. Also, agree–no facebook until he's older and then he has to both friend you and give you his username and password.As for the dog, that's a tough one. It's a great way for a boy to learn to love and care about something other than mom. But they are expensive, and not like cats that you can fill up the food and water and go away for a long weekend. Some great advice about children and dogs I once read: get your son up at 5 am every day for a week. Hand him a leash and make him walk around the block. That might cure him!

  • Fr. Erik Richtsteig

    Let the boy get a dog–free fertilizer.

  • Lydia McGrew

    Guest posting on here is a good idea. I would also (if we're supposed to be giving serious suggestions) _strongly_ suggest that whenever Tom really gets a blog of his own he should do so under a handle of some kind. It can be a humorous one, but I think it very important for young bloggers to maintain privacy and anonymity. You don't want to be applying for a job and having all the thoughts you have ever put on your blog open for googling by prospective employers. There are two dangers there: One, the danger of compromise because of fear of the world's opinion. Two, the danger of unjust reprisal because of unnecessary revelations of opinions by a person who is still young and still has his way to make in the world.I realize that to be saying all of this in response to an 8-year-old's suggestion about blogging might sound overly serious, but it's really something to bear in mind for the future. High school and college students shouldn't have all the things they choose to blog about following them around for the rest of their lives. So I do recommend a pseudonym for a young person's own blogging.Me, I'm not very vulnerable. If people are outraged by what I blog, there's almost nothing they can do to me unless they really decide to get dangerous. But that's kind of an unusual position.