blah …

… sometimes I have dry spells where I don’t blog for days, even weeks. I wonder if there is really anything left I can say except for a few funny anecdotes. Certainly nothing inspiring or of greater worth that can’t be read elsewhere.

I discovered a correlation between my musings. When I am inspired I write. Seems simple enough. But what inspires me? Beautiful music and stunning art. Clever and insightful quips from the lives of the saints. Interactions with family and friends. Time spent in adoration and prayer.

When I don’t write it becomes obvious to me that all these things are lacking in my life. I have nothing here to offer, like inviting people over for dinner only to find the cupboard bare.

There are a few bloggers out there who consistently provide thought provoking and spiritually renewing material on their blogs. Whew boy, they must be holy. At least that is how I think. I bet they never contemplate Christ coming again in glory and are suddenly gripped with the question, when we get our glorified bodies will I still have my Puerto Rican ass?

Musings of a saint… yeah right. Who thinks like that?

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  • kkollwitz

    "…will I still have my Puerto Rican ass?"Yes. But as you say, it will be glorified.

  • Anonymous

    I retain desperate hope that we WILL be improved versions of our imperfect selves in heaven. The Jesus who appeared on the Emmaus road was so markedly different his disciples didn't even recognize him. So yeah…those of us with thinning hair, abundant physical features and other odd body geography do indeed wish for perfection of the physical kind. You aren't alone, Kat!NY Mom

  • Cathy_of_Alex

    Maybe not a Saint, but you are keeping it real, girlfriend.

  • Joseph K @ Defend Us In Battle

    I can relate to most of that post in a very honest and sincere way.As for the other part… I relate to it conceptually, but not in a technically specific way.

  • Gentleman Farmer

    That's an easy one: of course you will — but as noted, it will be glorified. That is to say, it will be the perfect Puerto Rican ass, perfectly reflecting your glorified self.Personally, I'm interested to see whether my glorified body has all that blond hair I vaguely remember from 40 years ago. I'm guessing not.

  • Bethany Blanchard Coleman

    Can I get a glorified Puerto Rican ass?Also, this may be the most spiritually enlightening blog post I've read all year. Straight to the crucial point. The others are more likely to benefit the more mature me of the future–assuming I've gotten off my non-Puerto Rican ass as recommended.

  • Hilary

    Me. But, you know, it's usually about the nose.

  • Karen

    I think I spotted a typo… Shouldn't that read: "I have nothing here to offer, like inviting people over for dinner only to find that someone hid my take-out menus." Just keepin' it real!I really like your blog! Stay inspired!

  • Calah

    Oh my gosh, I just read this. No idea how I missed this post, but if I may say it…you're my favorite blogger ever. I would rather read you keeping it real than all the inspirational, thought-provoking stuff ever. Why? Because I often wonder if God won't glorify my body just a little before my soul gets all holy too, so I can wear a bikini without adding a full-length mantilla. Really, I love you. And I do realize how creepy and stalker-ish that sounds, cause people have said it to me on my blog and I thought, "Hmmm, that sounds a little creepy and stalker-ish." Oh well. When it's true, it's true. Your blog makes me smile, makes me think, and makes me strive to be good while retaining my sense of humor and love of people, flaws and all. I think that's pretty impressive of you.