… You should have seen The Boy’s face light up with joy when he found out he is going to be a Torch Acolyte. Then you should have seen his dejected scowl when he found out the “torches” weren’t Flame Throwers. His lament … “But mom! They aren’t even torches at all! There are just like regular lanterns on poles. I thought I was gonna get to burn stuff. That was so misleading!”

On the ride home he made me even prouder by declaring that he was “so going to write a blog post about this!”

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  • Julie

    'Atta boy.Love this kid.

  • Fr. Erik Richtsteig

    They only use the other kind at The Angry Mob Mass.

  • The Crescat

    Angry Mob Mass… you're a hoot.

  • Mark Scott Abeln

    I know exactly how the Boy feels. Disappointing.

  • TCN

    Well, look at it this way–with all those cassocks and vestments, maybe he can accidentally on purpose singe the edge of something and make a big stink. So, there's that.

  • Lee Gilbert

    Hi Kat,This should give him some idea of the possibilities, and you, too, for that matter:;=V4VP1oGTq6oLee

  • Smiley

    YOu taking him to compostella to see the big censer. :)I tired to touch the rope hoping to move it. WRONG they have guards for that, i almost got booted out.