Introducing The Crescat 2.0…

… I know how you all feel about change.

Well, it’s not that bad. It’s not like I converted to Sufism, changed my voter registration to ‘Democrat’ and started kicking puppies! It’s just a simple change of address.

And for those who care to stop by and visit, I can be found at

My twice monthly column can be found here;

And for those nay sayers who likened it to a marriage made in hell, I welcome you too. Surely your morbid curiosity demands you to take a peek at the spawn.

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Mackerel Snapping Papist

  • Terry Nelson

    You are going to get even more famous than you already are! God bless!

  • Badger Catholic

    It better be batshitcrazy over there too…

  • Badger Catholic

    It IS! Yea!

  • John from Pomeroy on the Palouse

    So you've stopped kicking puppies. Good for you!