Lady at a Table…

… by Mary Cassatt. The subject’s sister kept this painting in a closet for many years because she did not like the way Cassatt painted the profile, accentuating the nose.

Funny how we let our flaws keep us from being in plain view, especially when it’s often those uncommon characteristics that makes us the most unique.

Those visiting for the first time, let me introduce my weekly feature entitled Fine Art Friday.

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  • Anonymous

    And then there are those times we put our flaws right out there, for everyone to see. But usually…that’s unconscious. Or we think we’re anonymous in a combox! 🙂

  • Warren Jewell

    It is one thing about women that just makes me wonder – “THAT”S a problem?”

    The majority of women notice flaws, and sometimes the smallest and least likely to be noticed by others flaws, to focus their attention to themselves. Some of these ladies have been ‘9’ on the beauty scale, and they seem to be looking in their mirrors at a four-and-a-half, at best. As Desi might say, “You ladies got some ‘splainin’ to do”.

    Heck – I’m big, dumb and ugly, and even I just think of those as “just me”, even if I could wish I was less big, etc.

    Now, I am of an age that sees just about every soul as having ‘socially redeeming quality’ just because God is Dad, and all but sin is well in His sight.

  • tj.nelson


  • Olllie

    A couple of MRA bloggers have read and reacted to your article on Shrews.

    I personally enjoyed it and appreciate your candor and (sadly all too rare in this society) respect for men.

    I know a load of you social religious conservative types are upset about the decline of marriage in this society. Unfortunately, you (social conservatives, and maybe not you personally) pin that decline on squarely gay marriage, while ignoring the horrendous damage done by no-fault divorce.

    I look at social conservatives acting this way and it feels like I am watching a man whose house is burning down (with his family in it) get incensed not over the burning house, but the fact that someone has muddied his beloved front doorstep.

    My suggestion to religious conservatives is to stop going after gay marriage and focus on the real demon in the chapel.

    Here is a social conservative who actually gets that fact: