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… the Raleigh diocese is getting a new cathedral, Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral.

And the Pontifical College Jospehinum has begun wearing the Propaganda Cassock on special occasions. OK, so neither of these institutions is local, but I came of the news via a local seminarian attending Josephinum. So it counts. Sort of. Anyway, the cassocks look like this;

Photo source; JP Sonnen, my go to guy for all things visually Roman.

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  • Our dear friend, Stephen is a seminarian up at the PCJ and posted a picture of himself in his propaganda cassock this morning. 🙂 My husband studied for a bit at the PCJ, so we have a special place for it in our hearts.

  • Then I bet he knows my friend, Cory. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Interesting cassock design- looks vaguely Russian. I half expect them to reveal bright red leather boots underneath!NY Mom

  • Raleigh's cathedral looks like a ………cathedral.{gasp}No "church-in-the-round"? I'll bet there's a …..CRUCIFIX in the sanctuary. ARGH!!! Maybe even a Tabernacle on the central axis?!?! GAH!!Seriously, people will fork out cash for this type of construction instead of the Vosko-crap you see out there.

  • I know, isn't it great? Good things are coming out of NC. Burbidge and Jugis are quite the Dynamic Duo.

  • AAhh it looks so beautiful!! I am so happy to be in this diocese. Now if only I could find a parish where the attendees are going to attend MASS and not Sunday Social Hour, I will be happy.

  • K

    Absolutely lovely! Thanks, Kat for a beautiful start to my weekend!

  • Dynamic Duo, huh? Holy Orthodoxy, Batman! ( sorry, couldn't resist)