on second thought…

… I hope this movie doesn’t popularize the Camino so much that it gets flooded, more so than usual, with new agey types skipping along Spain high on Hollywood ideologies. I’m purposefully waiting till October on the hope that the trail will be virtually deserted.

Well, I suppose my small group will have to Catholic it up if that becomes the case. If I can talk Fr. Erik in going with us maybe he can celebrate mass on the Camino itself. And maybe for a bottle of Rum he’ll walk it in a cassock. Hell, for two bottles of Rum I’d hike it wearing a cassock and sing Salve Regina all the way.

This way to the Rum.

On a serious note; I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a very fine and devout young man while visiting in Rome. Mr. Smeaton is currently making part of The Way with a group of friends. Pray for him, his travel companions, and Juventutem London.

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  • Dont worry the hippes are already there. When i went to Santiago compostella. I saw one group of performing hippes with sitar at the front entrance and another group of dancing hippees at the back exit.Our group of 56 was not impressed and shooed them away.

  • I have a lovely picture of a group of people doing yoga (or something like it) at the albergue in Boadilla with the local church towering above them in the background.

  • If Fr. Erik can't make it, I'll convince Fr. John "World Traveler" Moneypenny to do it. But no cassock; he won't wear one.I'm still official photographer, right? I JUST WON RIBBONS, MAN, IN THE TENNESSEE VALLEY FAIR, SO I KNOW I'M GOOD!

  • After Visiting Compostela after WYD, I really want to go back and do the Camino one day…

  • OK, I watched The Way this afternoon, and now I want to do the Compostella shuffle. It's not even that I have any great interest in doing anything religious, it's really that it has been such a long time since I've done a bit walk-about tour. I used to hike and backpack all over the Gulf Islands when I was in my 20s and I really miss it. Maybe when I'm feeling up to it, I'll get me a ticket and say thanks to God in the old fashioned way.

  • Hilary, Oct 2013… I would be more than thrilled if you were to join me.