That’s right, Mr. Martini. There is an Easter Bunny…

… the post below was written under the heavy influence of NyQuil. I bet you didn’t know it was even possible to hallucinate from consuming too much of that green liquid. Well, it is. And I did. There is nothing worse than being sick and wanting nothing more in the world to sleep but you can’t. Instead you toss and turn and hear things that aren’t there. So to calm your tired mind you blog stupid things.

But I feel better today so blogging should resume as normal. And by normal I mean discombobulated ramblings of incoherent pseudo intellectual mumbo jumbo interspersed with doses of highly concentrated nonsense.


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  • If I remember correctly, those glasses in the photo are the same ones you can see through people's clothes with.

  • Xray specs! Charles Atlas ads. Singing with a bouncing ball between features, cartoons, short series (Buck Rogers) on the longest Saturday afternoons for a quarter at the corner movie house. What do these vestigial remnants of the Ike years have to do with Nyquil hallucinations? Well, I'm convinced that there was so much leftover, moldy LSD languishing in CIA warehouses that some whacked out colonel rang up some boozy Don Draper and amid guffaws, managed set up a fail-safe system to lose that, uh, surplus by parcing it into over the counter relief drugs, snap snap, fizz fizz.Kat, "it's twoo, it's twoo!" Out here in smog central valley CA, the hint of a midnight cough prods me to a little slug of the green, knowing I will suffer Escher dreams well into the morning. I mean, Damn!

  • Well, sad to say that after having lived in western Colorado, arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the US, I have to confess that what I miss most about your entire continent comes down to: Taco Bell's quesadillas and Nyquil.

  • Unfair to bring out posts like your last few just before voting begins! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Try switching out the Nyquil for green Chartreuse. I swear it has medicinal properties plus it has Catholic pedigree goin' for it.NY Mom (who trusts her colds to the stuff)