there’s a snake in my boot…

… I refer to my home as the Plague of Frogs. If you venture out at night you must watch your step. Nothing is grosser than stepping on a frog barefoot. Believe me, I know. It goes without saying that my property is infested with snakes as well which, for the most part, managed to keep to themselves… until now.

I was greeted by an Eastern Kingsnake while taking out the trash. My son is outside right now peeing around the perimeter of the house. I doubt it will work but he was more than willing to happily oblige.

I guess this means I have to add another animal to my menagerie to keep the snakes at bay.

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  • Your place sounds like a delight to visit.

  • Riki Tiki Tavi… mongoose! you grow up, you have to kill your own snakes!

  • Mongoose. Good luck!

  • interesting. is this a seasonal thing?Kingsnake won't hurt you. but best to stey out of the garden at night.

  • Peeing around the perimeter of the house? Oh LOL – got to love little boys!

  • I either read or heard Mother Angelica on EWTN say that they spread sulfur in the yard to keep snakes away. It stinks but it works.

  • Perhaps consider fostering a Honey Badger? (Language Advisory)

  • Sounds like you live near a swamp or bayou ….

  • Why are you stamping on the toads when you should be licking them?

  • I think snakes eat rodents – so that's good news if you have mice.

  • Terry – it isn't very good news for the rodents!

  • When I was at the Monster Bash in late June, a small snake went between my legs during the Drive-In movie night. Thankfully, the criiter wasn't vemonous!

  • What?! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! Dolly Girl and I will be right over!!!

  • Late to the party as per usual, but Kingsnakes are good. They eat other snakes. Even poisonous ones.