you can never have enough holy water…

… my wonderful son continues to be a model of piety. Every since he learned that Catholics can baptize people in extreme circumstances he has seen fit that every animal in our home be baptize. Even the neighbor’s dog. And their ferret.

When he ran out of animals he decided he needed to baptize the cats again, just in case. Because they’re real sneaky. His words. I tried to explain to him that you only need to be baptized once. He was thoughtful for a moment but countered my catechism lesson with a very sound observation. Cats have nine lives and he must baptize them all. I think we are going to need more holy water.

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  • Fr. Daren J. Zehnle

    That's hilarious!

  • egosumbarb

    I think your son just made it into my "coolest kids ever" list. Hysterical!

  • Helen

    You have a smart son!

  • Jen Brannon


  • Holly Rutchik

    This is tooo funny. Your know you're a Catholic family when these are the types of stories that come from your home. Love it. When I was little some neighbors boys came to our house palying ghostbusters. They told us our house was haunted. I was so scared we went to the Church and filled our jugs with holy water, stole it right from the Church, came home and threw it on our walls. My mother was NOT pleased :)

  • Terry Nelson

    I used to do the exact same thing when I was little.

  • Jackie

    what a funny story ! the cat must be pretty awesome now :)

  • Elan

    He has a great point! cats are very sneaky :) You will have to update us on how the 8 subsequent baptisms go….too precious.I really miss having the faith of a child sometimes. Life was so much simpler

  • Owen

    My new favourite post on a blog by a Catholic. If I were still a preacher I'd ask permission to file this one for future use.


    Looks like my cat, Roman, after a bath! haha

  • TCN

    I asked my son, in front of our priest, why Jesus was up on the cross. He responded, in the whiny voice only a 5 year old boy can affect, "oh Mom, you know why. Can't we just move on?"So much for catechesis.

  • Rich

    You never know what will come out of a little boy's imagination. My 3 year old prays every day for "people in exploding rockets". I didn't know that was a big problem, but apparently he does.