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… I appreciate everyone’s patience while I make adjustments and work out the technical kookbuggery. Many have emailed me regarding the RSS feeds. The major complaint is that this blog no longer features the full post with images in the feeds, but a short synopses instead. To read and see the full content you are required to click through the feed.

Please understand that writing and this blog is a source of income for me. How much I am paid is determined by the number of page views and visits. I realize clicking through is an small inconvenience, but I would hope that you would show your support for me and the material on this blog by clicking through.

However, I want you to know that I do take your emails and suggestions into serious consideration. I ask, if it is too bothersome to click through the feeds to read the full posts will this effect your regular readership? Or is clicking through not that big of a deal and something you would tolerate if it means supporting this blog as a source of income for me?

I look forwarding to hearing your input.

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  • Allison Accardo

    Are people seriously complaining about clicking a link? If it’s *that* much of a cross, chalk it up as a little penance and a nice little act of charity.

    Or put it in perspective: Would you rather a.) pray the “Office” in inclusive language, or b.) click a link to read a blog post (which ultimately helps another person) about the pains of inclusive language that contains wonderful humor and sarcasm that would make any soul smile.

    Personally, I find the former to be a much larger cross (I have to do it every day, twice a day).

    Anything to help the Crescat! 🙂

    • I don’t even know how to do RSS feeds. I just read your blog on the web. So do you get credit when I do that? I get to read quite a few posts at a time that way. Or do I need to click on each post’s title, which I normally do only when I want to read the comments? But I’d be glad to do that if it helps you get paid.


      • Oh, dear! I blew it by replying to a commenter instead of to Crescat.

        • ACk! You just cost me money!

          Just kidding. You don’t have to click the title for the page view to count.

  • Yeah, seriously. A full rss feed means no page views. I think people just don’t realize that (I hope).

  • Maybe I should make my feed “Excerpts” just so that people complain about it. Then I will get comments…. thanks KAT!

    Oh, and if they complain, doesn’t that mean they are clicking through? 🙂 Silly readers, clicks are for kids, and fans.

  • Lisa

    Click through is no problem at all. And I’m not even Catholic 🙂

  • I will happily click through as often as possible to support you and the boy! 🙂

  • Kathy Brents

    Clicking away!!

  • I don’t mind clicking through. Good post titles & intro’s help me decide if I’ll click.

    Too bad the RSS/web ninjas can’t figure out some way to generate a notification back to you when we subscribe to your feed.

  • Sandy

    I didn’t realize that about RSS feeds and page views. I’m happy to click through. Thanks for asking!

  • KarenElissa

    I’ll be the dissenting opinion here, I VERY rarely will click through. It isn’t that I don’t want to support you, it is just reality. Generally what happens is I’m subscribed to a blog with full intention of clicking through to read, then when I see those posts as I’m scanning my feed I just star it intending to come back and read it later and then that doesn’t happen.

  • I understand the need for revenue (I just whitelisted on my adblock, since I figure it’s one of a few sites where I won’t mind the ads and I think they writers deserve the monies) but isn’t there a way to put ads in the rss feed with full posts?
    I know it’s probably not a blog you’re familiar with, but one example I do know of that does this is There’s an ad at the bottom of rss posts from them in my google reader, and presumably they get credit and revenue from me viewing it, without me having to open a new tab.
    (other blogs in my feed I’m noticing also have this are and )

    I know the clicking might not seem much to some people, but when I’m scanning 500+ posts a day in my reader getting information for various classes I teach, it adds up quickly.
    You’d get more ad views from me by putting an ad in the rss feed, where I’d see it every time, than the full site, which I might click through 1/5 of the time (not that the articles aren’t good, but I have much less time to read than I wish I did.

  • Lynnb

    I could have written KarenElissa’s comment. If I am on my iPod, I will never click through, but if you have a really intriguing title, I may save it for later. If I’m reading on the computer, I’m more likely to click through, but it all depends on time. I like the full posts because I can scan them; clicking through means waiting for another tab, and that takes forever on my cranky computer.

  • ML

    I’d pay a small subscription fee to have RSS feeds. Seriously. As much as I want to be a good person and click to read, it’s a lot easier to pass up reading one blog that I have to click on for another one I don’t have too.

  • Lynne Flatley

    I can access Google Reader at work but not many of the blogs I subscribe to so yes, this is going to negatively affect me… 🙁