stupid is as stupid does…

… I really wish I had planned my trip to Knoxville, TN more timely so it would’ve coincided with the Occupy Wall Street demonstration that went on this weekend. There was also a Slut Walk happening simultaneously in the same park. Where is the gift of bi-location when it’s really needed!? Ugh. I miss everything.

So what exactly is OWS? What is their point? All I can gather is they want an end to corporate greed, yet they offer no alternative or propose a solution. Nor do they see the irony in tweeting their ‘revolution’ on iPhones and other corporate made mobile devices.

Ok, so they want jobs.

Have they listened to themselves in news interviews? Most are barely articulate and don’t know what they are protesting themselves. No employer is going to think, “Gee, that person looks like a hot mess and talks with the vocabulary of a middle school child! My God, call HR and see if we can’t get them on our team!”.

Look, if your named after a vehicle or your name sounds like a stripper’s stage name only with extra vowels and apostrophes then chances are high you are unemployable and you have expectations well outside the realms of reality. So stop expecting to get a 40K a year salary fresh out of college. You start at a shitty entry level position like the rest of us who realize we aren’t entitled to anything we don’t work for. Then as you gain work experience you can see a slow increase in your income.

OMG… you have exorbitant student loans! How unfair. You borrowed money and now someone expects you to pay it back. How’s the degree in Women’s Studies working for you. Yeah, I’m sure it was worth every single federally loaned penny. If you want to blame anyone for your worthless degrees blame the left who, through entitlements and affirmative action, made going to college as commonplace as graduating high school.

I don’t suppose community college and working part time to pay for your education was ever an option. But let’s not take any personal responsibility here.

So, I’m sorry, what is OWS point again?

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  • mitch
  • robertgwirth

    You tell ’em, Kat! Thanks!!

  • Calah Alexander

    You are so wonderful. I’m considering making you our modern day Oracle at Delphi. But really, thanks. This from someone who is facing exorbitant student loans (and considers them worth the money and the pain)…if you’re gonna borrow, put “paying the money back” before “buying a house, a car, or a bunk bed for the kids.”

  • LOL, they really have a college kid mentality. I remember those college arguments. The sad thing is that college professors are mostly fosselized into this mentality.

  • Well said, Crescat. “OMG… you have exorbitant student loans! How unfair. You borrowed money and now someone expects you to pay it back. How’s the degree in Women’s Studies working for you. Yeah, I’m sure it was worth every single federally loaned penny. If you want to blame anyone for your worthless degrees blame the left who, through entitlements and affirmative action, made going to college as commonplace as graduating high school.”

  • @ Mitch
    The more I learn about Distributionism the more I realise that that is where the future truely lies

    @Everyone else

    Do you have to engage in name calling and dismising these people’s arguments out of hand? Whilst I do think that not a few of their demand are outragious I do believe that some of their points e.g. healthcare and education (believe it or not until 20yrs ago higher education in the UK was completely government funded) are worth examining from a Catholic point of view.

    I’m still wondering when American Catholics (the Orthodox ones) forgot about Chesterton and Belloc and started bowing before the side-altar of Hayek and Von Miss.

  • Rfrendz

    I’ll bet if you asked any of the individuals on the street protesting if they have a flat screen and cable, a computer and/or Iphone or Ipod. Their answer would be, ‘yes’.
    Then ask them whose paying for the service on these toys. The answer would probably be, ‘mom and dad’. Even an infant reaches a point when they want to feed themselves. But, if you hand feed a child all the time, it will expect you to hold it’s fork every time. Life has to be worked at and responsibilities must be assumed or this nation will become a land of zombies with their hands out begging, and requiring “brains”.

  • Rrose3

    I live in Knoxville and I cn tell you that except for small items in the news, on one here was even aware of the Slut walk or OWS demonstration.
    On the other hand, the UT football team’s collapse against the Georgia Bulldogs and the up coming game against the # 1 LSU Tigers with the UT starting quarterback out with a broken thumb, have the interest of hundreds of thousands.

  • You have the right to protest. I get it. But if your protests do not actually accomplish anything then it is a great waste of time. Also, if you feel you are not being represented by your local government, senators, etc maybe you should VOTE at every election. You can’t complain about being the 99% when only 30% actually get to the poles for elections other than the Presidency. The only thing these protests are going to do is have politicians say what you want to hear. Get out and DO something constructive. Support your local business instead of going to Walmart or Target. Volunteer your time. Yelling at people is not going to change anything. Also, I’m pretty upset that the CA Gov signed the law that enables undocumented students to qualify for federal student loans.

  • Anonymous

    Jack: I fail to see how calling hippies and college punks by their given titles is somehow calling names. They choose this distinction by living up to it in the public eye.

    There is nothing remotely Catholic about avoiding your responsibilities, i.e. paying back what you borrow, paying your own way, etc. St. Paul says if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I think that’s pretty direct and not subject to a great deal of discussion.

    If they want jobs, they should go get them. If they want big salaries, they should work their way up and earn them. If they choose to study subjects that are completely useless in the real world, then they reap the (lack of) benefits thereof. Nothing in that is against any sort of Catholic doctrine or philosophy.

    Catholic doesn’t mean handout. It means charity, which is given in love. Enabling bad behavior is not charity, it is cruelty.

    /rant off

    • “Catholic doesn’t mean handout.”


    • “Catholic doesn’t mean handout.”

      I agree as I do with taking personal responsibility, that not the point of my response.

      To take one point e.g. Healthcare, in America it is very hard to get health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition because insurance companies operating as a business recognise that that person A will probably cost them more in the long run that Mr. perfect with no pre-existing condition. Now when Person A does get sick he has to either (a) try and shrug it off and run the risk of dying from the illness itself complications (b) go bankrupt or (c) hope that a doctor will take him on as charity case. Now that may be the way the ‘market’ works but something tells me that the Church disagrees.

      As for Jobs well I am currently unemployed and seeking work, I recently completed a course which I hope will increase my chances of finding paid employment and I am considering taking 6 months to a year off to volunteer abroad with the Order of St Francis De Sales. Whilst I am applying for graduate jobs consummate with my academic and vocational experience I am also applying for menial blue collar jobs in order to move off the unemployment Register I hope you will not be offended if I ask you to pray for me. Now I WANT to work, please get it into your head that most people on welfare are not useless parasites.

      My point about name calling addressed the use of Ad hominem attacks used by both the mainstream media and bloggers to dismiss anything the wall st crowd are saying out of hand. As it happens I think that within the hype of the ‘demands’ made the crowd there are several serious points (such as healthcare) which need to be addressed and that name calling prevents serious debate of the issues.

      I do not hide the fact that I do not believe in laissez-faire capitalism, nor do I believe that the market can solve all the problems of the world, as someone who was brought up as champagne socialist, flirted with laissez-faire capitalism in my late teens and early twenties I have come to believe that distributionism is the best economic system.

      Now ‘Ten’ if you wish to have a sensible debate you can click on the link in my name and arrange such a discussion by sending me a message on facebook.