there’s a hermit in our hills…

… and he’s cold; very cold. Having camped in the Blue Ridge mountains area and their foot hills late into the month of November, I can attest to the frigid tempatures in the evenings.  It’s 45 degrees here in Charlotte tonight and a teeth chattering 35 at Fr. George’s Holy Souls Hermitage. And the temperature is only going to drop lower as fall turns into winter. Before that happens, Fr. George is hoping God will provide him with $1,500.00 for a warm stove and stove pipe. Too humble to request donations himself, local seminarian Philip Gerard Johnson, has set up a paypal account where donations can be sent.        

If you don’t have a paypal account or prefer not to send your personal financial information through the villianous portals of the interwebs, checks can be made payable to George David Byers, and sent to: 102 College Station Drive; Suite 3 — PMB 233; Brevard N.C. 28712 USA

It doesn’t have to be a huge donation, a simple $5 or $10 here and there from enough people will certainly help thaw Fr. George’s bones. Please take a moment to stop by Philip’s blog and the Holy Souls Hermitage site and learn about the North Carolina hermit. If you feel so compelled, please spread the word so the donations can start to pour in.

ps- Congratulations, Philip, on your Candidacy for Holy Orders!

UPDATED 10/23/11: There is no way to make a paypal donation. Due to paypal’s non-profit regulations personal donations cannot be solicited. Please make donations by check made payable to George Byers to the address above. Thanks you.

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  • I can’t find the paypal link on the seminarian’s site (it’s probably staring me right in the face, but I often overlook things.) Do you know if there is a link?

    • Good question. It was below the check info or so I thought. Let me check with Philip

  • Sarah

    I also couldn’t find a paypal link.

  • Philip had to remove the paypal link due to non-profit regulations. I am going to see if he wouldn’t have any objections to me using my donation account for the purposes of Fr. George.

  • Kathleen

    Can I just say that I think more Religous need to cary chain saws.