why Bad Vestments won a Cannonball Award…

… because their motto is, “subjecting particularly awful Christian liturgical vestments or church decorations to the ridicule they so richly deserve.”

Bishop Hamburglar.

In case you were wondering what the heck a Cannonball Award is, they won Best Blog by a Heretic.

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  • Father Kyle Schnippel

    That looks suspiciously like Bishop Sample of Marquette, no?

    • Who ever he is, his vestments look delicious.

    • Elizabeth Durack

      Someone in the comments at Bad Vestements pointed out that in the photo he is visiting a parish and therefore the chasuble is clearly one they gave him to wear at the parish. They also pointed that otherwise he is well vested with amice and lace alb.

  • Ad Orientem

    Let me guess… Good Friday?

  • Or maybe it is an arial view of a bongo drum – would fit the liturgical style.

  • Allison Accardo

    THANK GOD!!! I am not the only one who thought “Please God, don’t let that be Bishop Sample of Marquette!”

    It does look like him though.

    Say it ain’t so. Say it ain’t so. PRAYERS!!! lol

  • MamaBearof6

    Did anyone ask him if he wants fries with that?


  • Gail Finke

    ??? I don’t get what that is even supposed to be. Posters at the Bad Vestment site guess that poor Bishop Sample had to borrow or wear it for some charitable reason. But that doesn’t explain its existence in the first place.