we’re all Bad Catholics here…

… I am very excited to find out Marc Barnes will be joining Patheos. He’s a clever chap who promises to post about sexy sex, Vatican II, and the F word.

And here everyone thought that joining Patheos meant we all sold out.

I’m still confused. What precisely is it about Patheos that most people object to? Is it the fact that it’s a multi-religious site or that one of the generated ads is for the Rosie O’Donnell Show. Granted, Rosie makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets but I don’t generate the ads nor do I specifically endorse any of them.

Patheos has been great in allowing me to retain much of the original look of my old blog, with the assistance of an uber-patient IT whiz, and they don’t censor. In fact, they’ve been nothing but encouraging for me to keep writing in the same manner as before.

I didn’t have to sell my soul or change my voter registration to Democrat. I wasn’t given a ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker when I signed the contract and told to play nice. Eurotards and tambourines are still strictly forbidden. Same ol’ same ol’.

Most people want to emphasize the absurdity of the left’s total lack of intolerance to those who disagree with them. Well, some of the more hard core traditional Catholics are the same. If there is even the tiniest whiff of liberal thought, “Anathema”! Merely being hosted on a site that gives stage to other religions has me ex-communicated by association.

I don’t mind the other religions. Like Marc, I’ve always been curious to know what exactly Progressive Christians are progressing to. Now that we are all in the same room together, so to speak, I can ask them. Those who know me call me The Poacher. With my exclusively Catholic audience on blogger at The Crescat 1.0 who was I going to poach or incite to fatwa?

There is so much potential, and fun, to be had here. And that is how I see it.

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  • Wilsonia

    Patheos is just so milk and water and except for you and the Anchoress there’s nobody on it that I’d want to want into a bar fight with.

    • http://www.thecrescat.blogspot.com The Crescat

      well maybe with the addition of myself, and now Marc Barnes, they are looking to change all that. It could happen.

      • http://www.thecrescat.blogspot.com The Crescat

        and you’ve just given me a wicked idea for a blog post.

    • Wilsonia

      Correction, there’s nobody I’d want to have my back if I was going to a barfight.

  • Johnny G

    Maybe traddies are the original hipsters. You went “major label”! What a sellout!

    • Paige Deaner

      LOL. I posted on my blog about how being a devout, traditional Catholic is like the MOST rebellious thing you could do. :)

      • http://www.thecrescat.blogspot.com The Crescat

        that’s why ex-punks make the best Catholics.

        • Paige Deaner

          That was my life story you just said in one sentence

  • Bill Bruns (AKA Theocoid)

    Is outrage!

  • Suzanne Rutherford

    Another generated ad on Patheos is for some serious couponery, y’all. Basically, Crescat 2.0 is the same thing + discount shopping. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?

  • http://catholiccultureandsociety.blogspot.com/ love the girls

    The Crescat writes : “In fact, they’ve been nothing but encouraging for me to keep writing in the same manner as before.”

    I’m sure this is true, because they, without doubt, read your blog from top to bottom before inviting you in.

    If a blog is invited here it’s because it is the kind of Catholic blog that is wanted here.

  • lethargic

    Your blog is your blog, Kat. If you want to move it, then you move it. I won’t gripe at you about it. Way I see it, you’re joining the apex of Catholic bloggery with our beloved Anchoress, no matter what your address is. You big girl, you make decision, you make me laugh.

  • Charles in CenCA

    Kat, don’t typify everyone who asks a simple question out of curiosity, such as “Why the site switch?”, as being a cell leader in some traddie enclave. I don’t fit in anybody’s category, I hardly fit anywhere and take up two zipcodes.
    But you’ve always given a straight answer to a straight question prior.
    Until now. It’s just a question.
    If you’re choosing not to go there, just say so without the conspiratorial hoohah.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      I’ve quite plainly said the site switch is bc 1) it pays 2) larger readership. I was the one asking the question. I don’t understand why some are objected to Patheos. And me joining them doesn’t imply some nefarious liberal leanings.