According to my nativity set Jesus was Irish, so there…

… and my Santa leaves bottles of Jameson for good little girls and boys.

"And they came bearing gifts of yellow moons, green clovers, and blue diamonds."

Behold… 27 tacky nativity sets! Not that I am implying Irish Jesus is tacky. He’s the exception on the list. Irish Jesus nativity pleases God and makes Ss. Patrick and Brigid kick up their heels and dance a jig in heaven.

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  • Sparky

    Is it bad that I kinda want this?

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Not at all. C’mon, look at it. It’s got St. Patrick and 2 leprechauns as wise man and a golf caddy holding a sheep in place of a shepard.

      • When my kids were toddlers they were always putting in the Fisher Price farm animals.

        • Paul Dunn

          I still have my baby brother’s nativity – made up of fisher price figures and a ninja turtle baby Jesus

    • Nathan Lucas

      It’s not bad that you want this. What’s bad is that I want the bottle of Jameson’s in my stocking instead.

  • robertgwirth

    In Irish circles, it is well known that there is Scriptural proof that Jesus was Irish:
    He lived at home until He was thirty,
    He hung around with twelve guys,
    He said He was God.

    • Stoutwoman

      He thought his father was God and his mother was a virgin. Good enough for me.

  • Cory

    I’m rocking the Alaskan Inuit Nativity that my cousin from Anchorage gave me, complete with Polar Bear bowing down in adoration at the infant Eskimo Lord.

  • Mark

    It’s true, Jesus was Irish. Tell me you never heard someone utter, “O Christ!” before”?

  • Here is the proof that Jesus was Irish (disclosure: my father was Francis Xavier Patrick Martin) – at the wedding feast at Cana, He did not turn the water into wine for sacrametal purposes, BUT TO KEEP THE PARTY GOING!

    And the moneylenders in the temple? Note that this IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS THE CANA STORY in John!

    Drinking and fighting are the trademarks of me people!