feminine blogs…

… There are a handful of female bloggers whose writings and areas of interest make me want to learn to sew, drink proper tea, and wear hats. These are intelligent women who wear their smarts with an air of femininity and graceful decorum that makes me wish I had taken home economics in high school and etiquette lessons.

In short, their blogs promote the dignity of womanhood… and make me feel pretty.

And Personally, I am tired of hearing about how pathetically unmanly men have become in light of how pathetically unfeminine women are.

Please share with me your favorite female bloggers who you feel represent true femininity.

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  • Nina

    I just discovered your blog and like a lot of what i am reading esp like the pics down the right-hand side. But why are you depicted wearing a bishop’s mitre and what appears to be a chasuble or cappa magna? Seems to be a bit of two-mindedness esp. with rgd to your post about femininity. True Catholic femininity does not portray itself as a priest or bishop. Pls do not take this the wrong way. Just pointing out what appear to be mixed messages. The greatest women saints and Doctors of the Church did not want to be men!

    Oh and i am also a fan of alcohol and even Ab Fab but a bit put off by the particular pic of Eddie and Patsy chosen for a previous blog post. Thanks for the oppty to comment. God bless.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      The banner is a play on my old avatar where I am wearing a mitre and talking on the phone saying, “guess whose garage sale I went to.” It’s also a rib at the womyn priest, or whatever they call themselves these days.

      • Gayle

        Kat….I LOVE your blog…have to hit it about every day. That said, I’m not a fan of the charicature.

        • I’m working on it. Something special for Advent

  • flicka47

    Well, I’ve been a trucker driver, a boat skipper, and a horseshoer, as well as working in the field of my degree in agriculture.

    Home Ec was a required course for girls when I was in school, but first chance I got I took electronics…Etiquette? My mother would have shot me if I didn’t know how to behave properly in public or private.

    Feminism got it all wrong, it is not the ability to do what a man can do better. It’s the knowledge that you can both do the job equally as well. Feminists think they have to put someone down to prove they are “equal”. That naturally has to make them unhappy shrews. They are saying they want to do something that has no merit by their own admissions…

  • I love http://www.bettybeguiles.com – and I’m not just saying that because she’s a friend. I like it that she promotes beauty and femininity but is still fun, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  • twinkles

    I love Like Mother, Like Daughter http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/ I wish I would have read someone like Leila Lawler when I was a bride and then young mother.

  • Calah Alexander

    Melanie at The Wine-Dark Sea. (http://www.thewinedarksea.com/weblog.php) She is just such a beautiful person, inside and out, and NEVER indulges in that “guess what I did because I’m an awesome stay-at-home-mom” type of post that lots of mommy bloggers (ahem. including me) tend to. Her blog is so lovely and always makes me smile and feel better about myself while at the same time inspiring me to be better.

  • cliff towle
  • I enjoyed this post, as always. It made my day! Thank you for the link, Katrina honey and thank you for introducing me to some great blogs. I think Betty B.’s blog is a lot of fun, too. The picture you have up there could be her!

  • Seraphic

    I should post my First Female Cardinal photo sometime. It is a hoot. I wore it to a “Vatican III” party, and it was obvious I was the only one who assumed “Vatican III” would usher in a new age of tradition–er, except for the female cardinal part ALTHOUGH I believe it wasn’t until relatively recently that you HAD to be a bishop (or even a priest) to be a cardinal. I once heard that John XIII or Paul VI offered to make (married) Jacques Maritain a cardinal, and Jacques said “No.”

    • Seraphic

      Or, in his case, “Non.”

  • Jeanne Chabot

    I’m going to share myself (ha ha): http://coucoumelle.blogspot.com/ I’m like the schitzophrenic tomboy/homemaker type. Aggressive, loud and (sometimes) obnoxious when playing soccer, and the rest of the time, quiet, mind-your-own-business type who just likes to make pinatas for her kids and sew stuff and do crafts and…

    (But I need to post a bit more – I hardly ever post anymore)

  • Sarah LaVigne

    I’m a big fan of Margaret at Ten Thousand Places. http://wondrouspilgrim.blogspot.com/ She throws dinner parties and even sells handmade jam!
    I definitely get domestic inspiration from her, and from all those Mormon bloggers with adorable kids and cute wardrobes. In fact, I posted about them recently.

  • Lola

    I love all of your picks.

    Personally I want to be Anita Moore http://v-forvictory.blogspot.com/ or Adrienne http://adriennedepitera.blogspot.com/when I grow up.

  • Lola

    Add Ms. Dymphna’s Road, no not about cooking, sewing or such. But more like Anita Moore’s – Intellectual and stuff. http://dymphnaroad.blogspot.com/ She’s right over there on you side bar.

    Also my favorite homeschoolers:Happy Hearts at Home http://happyheartsathome.blogspot.com/ and One Fine Mess: http://onefinemess.com/

    Oh so many, many that I’ve enjoyed, but like so many people the updates are getting left behind for more pressing matters.

  • Lola

    Please excuse the mosh pit I sent earlier: Here is Mrs. O’s site A Fine Mess: http://opey124.wordpress.com/

    And Mrs. L’s site over in Portugal: Aflazema http://sereudeverdadesempre.blogspot.com/ and her newsy site: This Burning Fire http://thisburningfire.blogspot.com/

    I’m stopping right here because there are about a dozen more… and my pc keeps acting up. I spilt a soda on the keyboard again!